Zigbee devices losing connection

First post here in the community ......I have been using hubitat since the c5...now have c7 and new c8....since the latest fimware update for c8 all of my zigbee motion sensors have been randomly dropping off and won't reconnect unless they are reset and re added and then sometimes they are found but won't initialize..rolling back the firmware to seems to help but still random drop outs...most zigbee issues seem to be because of the 3.0 radio....doesn't appear to be as backwards compatible as we all were led to believe...these are all phillips hue which work fine in the c7 environment and i have since been re adding them to my back up c7 and initializing use of hub mesh just so i can keep my automations running..these are not complex automations and worked perfectly in the c7.....any real work around for this issue?....i've read just about everything i could find ...seriously thinking about just going back to my c7 and scrap the c8

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My Hue motion sensors have been great on my C-8.
Others will chime in. Maybe change strength of radio.
@bobbyD in Support can also help.

There are a few threads going on about Zigbee stability right now.

That said, there aren't really any solid recommendations around how to overcome them. If bobby can't help you in the long run, just moving them back to the c7 and hub meshing them is an option so that you can still take advantage of new features as they are released to the c8.

What zigbee motion sensors are you using?

Thanks everyone for your replies.....I'm using hue zigbee motion sensors....boosting radio seems like a viable option.....but would that interfere with my 2.4 wifi network that i have?


Keep your wifi at channel 6 or below. Keep your hubitat at 20 or above (start with 20). Set power to 12. Do you have a lot of mains based zigbee devices?

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sorry for the delay...I have roughly 10 or so zigbee devices on my main.......had to remove 3 hue sensors that refused to initialize on the c8.......2 indoor and my 1 outdoor for my deck lighting.....i will try boosting the zigbee signal and see if this makes a difference......i'll have to see which channel my 2.4 wifi is using.......i'll post my progress in a day or 2......thanks for your time ....much appreciated

By mains I meant zigbee 120v powered (like switches or outlets). These are repeaters. If you don't have many repeaters in your mesh, it will be very weak and things can drop off

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I live in a mobile home.....farthest device is maybe 25 feet away from my c8 hub which is setup right in the middle of my home with very few walls or anything else to disrupt the signal.....as i only have 1 120 volt powered zigbee switch and the rest are battery powered.....not sure why c7 has no problem staying connected and the c8 has issues with the same setup.......

Hmm... If you're in a mobile home, turn power on the c8 down to 8 and see how things behave...

Tried boosting power on zigbee radio....still no joy....2 more motion sensors have dropped off since boosting power?..checked home wifi channel and it's no where near channel 20 the hub is using....I also have 3 ecolink zigbee 3.0 contact sensors that connect just fine...also tried an ecolink 3.0 motion sensor and it pairs and initializes ok runs through its motion test and then refuses to work and yes i'm aware of the 2 minute delay to re arm.....it just drops off....very annoying...it appears to be just affecting my motion sensors.......so I thank you for your help....I'm just going to go back to my c7 and put the c8 back in its box and tuck it away somewhere until the hubitat team provides a fix......never been so disappointed with a hubitat product before...... and i bought 2 of these

Seems there is something else at play here..I have 60+ zigbee devices including hue motion/temp/humidty/lux sensors. The only one I've had drop off of my c8 was a tuya water sensor and that was solved in the driver.

Lower it to 8....

Is it 6 or below?

Have you done the firmware update on your hue sensors?

Yes firmware updates were done.....if there is something else at play.....i would sure like to know what it is....but for the mean time I've paired all the motion sensors to the c7.....and all are working properly......so i guess we wait for next firmware update......thanks for your help

Well......rest of my zigbee devices now refuse to connect after updating firmware to from last night rebuilding my entire setup on my backup C7........C8 seems to work well for some....still lots of unhappy people in the hubitat community.......maybe I got a dud....after all they probably made a million of them...just curious did you use the migration feature when you setup your hub or start with a complete re-do?....sent a request for warranty and still no response.....trying to get an RGA from the vendor I bought both C8's from to return the second one....C7 has its share of little quirks too but zigbee connectivity isn't one of them ....thank god

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