Zigbee device unknown, how to remove?

I am having problems with one "unknown - address unknown 5" zigbee device. I have rebuilt the database, removed all my zigbee devices and still this one device that has an unknown address remains connected to my hub (c5). How can I clear this connection without starting from scratch?

Is this causing problems? If the answer is “no”, ignore it. It will probably go away on its own. Also, I would recommend using the Zigbee Map app available on HPM. It will provide a more accurate portrayal of the Zigbee mesh.


Thanks for the info, yes I am having a problem with one zigbee bulb. It doesn't make sense to me, so was trying to learn more. I have been running Hubitat since I moved from Wink without issue. Until the start of the year, one or more devices would become unresponsive, until I power cycle them. I ended up replacing the old GE/Wink bulbs in waves, bought some CREE bulbs, Sengled bulbs and one Hue75 bulb.

It doesn't matter which manufacture I use, this one device will always become unstable, failing within 10-15 minutes of power cycling it. Of note, when it fails, trying to control it from devices will not generate a log entry.

Reading about how to install HPM, hoping that will provide some insight.

Both of these have a problematic reputation (when mixed with non-bulbs) if you haven't considered that as one possible cause...