Zigbee device high message count

In settings -> Zigbee details I have one Zigbee device that shows a message count of like 3000+ and the next closest device is at like 75. Why is this and what should I do about it? Is there a problem with this device? It is a Sengled bulb.

I had a similar problem with a few devices. I removed them, factory reset them, and re-installed them. That lowered the message counts, but I don't know why.

Thanks for the reply.

So on these bulbs to rest them you have to turn it on and off like 5 times or so, then it displays three colors and then you repair it, right?

I ask because I don't want to miss under stand your solution. If this is the case I will try it tomorrow, it is cold out tonight.


Mine are on/off 10 times rapidly to reset. I’ve quit using one of them because I was having the same problem, thousands of events for no apparent reason. The sole remaining Sengled is still behaving itself. I replaced all of my A-19 bulbs with Hue lights except for the one Sengled.

Things seems to have gotten better. Having issues now since the update.