Zigbee Convert Lock

We brought one of those Amazon convert lock for Kwikset.

We were going to use the zigbee module but we never had an issue with the zwave version so we decided to go head use the lock for our basement backdoor lock.

The hub is upstair about 30 feet from the basement door, do we need to get a zigbee repeater for it or the huh should be able to pick it up? We haven't hook it up yet thou to try it

It depends on what you have between point A and point B. I would try it. You will know quickly if you require a repeater or not. Every mesh is different. If you have other zwave between, you might be ok. I, personally, would pull the trigger and try it. You won't break anything. Your lock just might not work well until you get a repeater.
Definitely post how it's responding after you pair it. I'd be curious to hear.


Actually this lock is a Zigbee and my front lock is a zwave. So another zwave on network wouldn’t help this zigbee right?

I might put it in after movie tonight

Thanks. And you’re right it wouldn’t hurt


It would not.

that's the spirit!


Well? Did you put it in? Did it go smoothly?

Not yet.

Fell asleep after the movie lol but I found a deal on a complete lock 914 kwikset at Lowe’s for 78 dollars today.

Now I’ll have another door to add this lock to lol


You'll have to let me know how it goes.

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I jumped on that deal a couple weeks ago. I bought a 914 and a 916. Both are zigbee and both work perfect so far. I did swap out the included batteries with Energizer lithium batteries. I also used silicone caulk behind the exterior keypad to keep water from getting around it and finding its way to the electronics. Hard to believe that it doesn’t come with some kind of seal.

Does anyone know if they make this for the Kwikset
910 model?

The convert lock wasn't manufactured property . The shaft key used to control the deadbolt lock was installed upside down so we couldn't install it.

However, we did purchase another complete lock with keypad from Lowe's on the clearance sale price so I installed that in today and it did connect to the Hubitat.

But It doesn't seem that it could pull the state the lock is in. HubItat showing lock as unknown so it doesn't know if it locked or unlock. We can control the lock from our Homekit Apple lock without issue.

Another issue is that Hubitat can't seem to read the keypad code stored inside the lock. Hubitat have no problem getting the codes from our zwave version lock.

Not sure if that is a zigbee limitation or what ..

Now it showing the lock state after couple of locking and unlocking rounds.

But it's still not showing the codes that are stored in the lock keypad.

My experience with locks isn't extensive but I haven't seen any codes read in from the lock. Lock Code Manager has been able to push codes to all my locks even locks added at a later date though.

I have two smartlock now both are Kwikset 914 but one is a Zwave plus and second one I got on clearance is a Zigbee

The Zwave Plus is reading and displaying all the codes on Hubitat with no problem .. The Zigbee is not showing any codes in the status list.

So you are entering the codes at the lock? I used Lock Code Manager to enter the lock codes and then push the codes to the lock. If I add a new user and lock code it can be pushed to any or all locks at once.

Right now, I am entering the code manually using the lock's keypad.

I have not heard of Lock Code manager so is that an app in hubitat or part of the lock driver?

Wow ..

Lock Code Manger seem to be working and fixes it. It now showing the lock codes listed in the lock under the driver

I suspect that the Zigbee is barely getting signal from the hub so I probably need to add a repeater in basement somewhere ..

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FYI, if the deadbolt doesn’t extend all the way, or gets jammed it will give the state of “unknown”. I created a rule to notify me if one of my locks returns the unknown state.
The lock has 3 states: locked, unlocked, and unknown, that can be used in rule machine with custom attributes.


Maybe that was it ... The lock slide was showing some resistance to turn by hand sometime. I will adjust the door jam plate to see if I can make it slide in with less resistance.

Thank you!

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And that will help with battery life as well. The object should be buttery smooth. It can take a bit of work to get them adjusted. You may also need to loosen and move the lock up/down left/right maybe just a few hundredths.

I used a flat file on mine, but that may make the strike plate rust depending on the material. For whatever reason, the strike plate is narrower than the predrilled hole in the new door I put it in. You may also be able to find a different size strike plate at the hardware store.