Zigbee Contact Sensor Detected as Glass Break Sensor

Hi, I am migrating my devices from Openhab to Hubitat. One of my devices is a door sensor but it is being detected as a glass break sensor. Is there anything I can do to correct that? The specific sensor is: Zigbee Door Window Sensors XHS2-TY , XHS2-UE Home Comcast Xfinity Security MCT-350

If I need to replace it can you suggest an inexpensive one w/ temperature?


You can try going to the devices tab, bringing up that device, and changing the driver manually. If that works and the device functions normally we can engage HE support to add that device signature to a future release so it finds the correct driver.


Just be sure to click CONFIGURE, after saving the Driver Type change mentioned above.


Whew yeah thanks for catching that one! My bad.

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Thanks, unfortunately, that did not resolve it. I changed the type and clicked configure but it still shows the states for a glass break sensor: Current States

  • battery : 100
  • shock : clear
  • tamper : detected
  • temperature : 82.40

Any other ideas?

Try changing it to a DEVICE, hit CONFIGURE, then hit "Delete All States". Next, change to correct Door Sensor and hit CONFIGURE again. That might not get the correct states to show up but it should get rid of "shock" & "tamper".


@user2136 The driver you should be using us Generic Zigbee Contacy Sensor. When you change the drive, hit configure. Then open and close the sensor a couple of times. If it doesn't work reset and re pair the sensor (do not delete it from Hubitat, it will be detected as a previously detected device) These are great sensors. I have 36 of them.

@rlithgow1 Thanks that worked, for the record, after changing the driver and hitting configure it hadn't corrected, but after opening and closing the sensor two times all is good.

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It would have eventually showed up when it reported temp.

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Thanks for this info. I had the same issue and opening/closing with the Generic ZigBee Contact Sensor didn't correct the values. Following your advice above and changing the driver back forced a reload of the correct ones. Thanks, -Joel

None of mine are showing the correct temperature. I tried this and it still shows it is 76 degrees in my freezer.

If you know the device is actually working, then go to the device page and set the offset so it matches the current temp (use something else to get the correct temp)

Ok. I’ll have to get one. Thanks!

@rlithgow1 I just wanted to update .. this process DOES work...it just takes some time. The next day when I went to look, it was reading the correct temperature! Thank you for all you help!

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