Zigbee connectivity and HUE devices

I have a Sonoff SNZB-02 temp. and humidity sensor located in my workshop and for some silly reason it does not communicate with my Hubitat.

The distance between the sensor and my Hubitat is approx. 12 meters (~40 ft) and there is a wooden wall and a brick wall between, so I assume it because of the distance is impossible to connect directly to the hub.

However, less than 3 meters (10 ft) from the sensor, I have a HUE bulb, that is connected to my Hubitat using the CocoHUE integration and it works perfectly. And 5 meters from the sensor I have two Sonoff ZBMINI generic Zigbee switches that both work fine. They have roughly the same distance to the hub as the temp and humidity sensor has but has more brick walls between them and the Hubitat. I therefore assume that they use some of the HUE bulbs between them and the Hubitat to repeat the signal.

My assumption was therefore also that the wired Zigbee devices such as the HUE bulb and the two ZBMINI switches would work as Zigbee repeaters allowing the temperature and humidity sensor to communicate with the Hubitat, but that does not seem to be the case.

When I bring the sensor next to the Hubitat it works fine, so it seems to be a distance problem I am dealing with.

Being a complete Zigbee noob I have no idea how to diagnose what causes this problem and even less idea on how to fix it.

Can anybody please enlighten me?

Tnx. in advance

The Hue bridge creates its own, unique Zigbee mesh network. This Zigbee network is completely separate from the Zigbee network created by the Hubitat Hub's Zigbee radio. Thus, devices on the Hue Zigbee network cannot act as repeaters for the Hubitat Zigbee network, and vice versa.


Tnx for your response.

That was what I feared. But then I don't understand how the Sonoff ZBMINI switches that are connected to the Hubitat can work ?

They have longer distance to transmit and more obstructions to pass thru. And how come they don't work as repeaters for the SNZB-02 sensor?

Did you initially pair the sensor close to the HE, or in it's present location?

I paired it at my desk which is 10 ft from the Hub with no obstructions in between.

It's only when I move it to the workshop it ceases to communicate.

I suspected as such. Many zigbee devices stick to the router (or coordinator) they see during pairing.

Go ahead and facotry reset the device - you do not have to delete it from Hubitat. Then pair it at its final location - it will pair back with its original name and device-id. Chances are high it will use one of the ZBMINIs as a router to connect to the coordinator (Hubitat).


Tried that just now and unfortunately it didn't work. :thinking:

Is there an app that can help visualize the Zigbee mesh so I can see how the various devices are connected and how they communicate with the coordinator?

Unfortunately, no.

But can you post a screenshot of the following end-point (replace your-hub-ip)?


Also, is the battery in the sensor new?

Interesting results:

The ZBMINI switch that I would suspect has the most difficult route to the Hubitat doesn't even show up in this list, but it works flawlessly.

The "Bathroom fan" ZBMINI switch is less than 5 meters (16 ft) away from my SNZB-02 sensor so I would expect bathroom fan to be used as forwarder for the sensor, but that is obviously not the case.

And yes, the sensor is new and straight out of the package and reported battery on 100%

The inCost and outCost on the Bathroom fan is really bad. 0 and 7 are both bad values. Positive values of 1 or close to 1 (like 2 or 3) are good.

Basically, the only repeater being used in your system is "Entertainment North". What kind of device is that?

Entertainment North is a Ledvance Zigbee plug: SMART+ indoor components with Zigbee technology | LEDVANCE

I am a bit puzzled by the fact, that the routing info does not contain any of my battery devices - such as motion sensors, temp. & humidity sensors and manual switches.

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The list only displays routers/repeaters connected directly to Hubitat, or devices connected directly to one of those routers. It doesn't contain devices connected to secondary repeaters/routers.


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