Zigbee channel recommendations


I'm in a process of migrating some things from ST -> HE, and not sure quite how far I'm going to go yet, as I also want to maintain ST.

To prep for the best, I want to prepare for 2 x hubs (ST and HE) running on separate zigbee channels, as well as a Hue bridge.

My ST is on Channel 19, and Hue is on 25.

What should I put Hubitat on, before I start pairing zigbee devices (repeaters)?

Thanks in advance

Hi @davehendo25

As a reference i would use this map

Important to look where you have your wifi channels in relation to the hue and ST bridges as well.

In general zigbee 20 and 22 seem to provide stable results for most people. But since these are all radio networks competing and interfering with eachother, every situation is unique.


@H_Local Thanks for the quick reply.

My mesh wifi is on (2.4Ghz) channels 6 and 7 from what I can tell.

So if ST stays on 19, do you think it's relatively safe to continue building a zigbee mesh with HE on channel 20?


I live in a crowded wi-fi area and have ST on 25 and HE on 20.

Hi @davehendo25

In your case i would split the difference and go up to 22 to stay as far from 19 and 25 as possible at the same time.

If possible, i would recommoend to push your wifi to the lower numbers. 1 would be ideal depending on wifi crowdedness in your area of course.

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