Zigbee channel changed itself ! Didn't even know this was possible-Could this be the missing link to bad zigbee performance?

Thanks, but I looked and didn't see you mention a specific LAN device. I have 2 that i recall, which one is it. And they've both been there about a year, and these issues seem to be since the upgrade

I swapped out the OEM one for a samsung 2amp Galaxy charger, and had a zigbee network offline even after that

They are not a LAN, they are Zigbee using custom drivers.

All zigbee using custom drivers have been removed. Hub is just as bad, zigbee is going offline at least once daily. I can't use motion lighting or HSM.

I have been on Hubitat for years, I have a C3 hub. I use a lot of Xiaomi sensors and never had an issue. A few days ago I lost every sensor. So I went around the house an rejoined them all. Since I did, the zigbee network has been really intermittent. Things don't always respond.

I happen to see this thread, well guess what my Zigbee radio also changed channel to 11.

I have not tried to change it off of 11 yet because I assume I will need to repair everything again.

Has a root cause been found to the auto change to channel 11?

I did a shutdown, power pull, then rebooted and channel 25 came back(I may have also done a soft reset, I don't recall exactly as I've spent so many hours chasing this down). Although bobby seems to think my hub is going bad. And before I expend energy to re-pair 100+ devices I need to take a hard look at all platforms available.
My zigbee goes offline daily, if not multiple times per day.

I am running into this problem as well. I decided to do a search of the community before posting my own question around this. Seems there is no fix. One theme I am seeing though is we all have battery operated motion sensors. I am going to remove remove the motion lighting app completely, as well as remove ALL of my Sonoff ZigBee motion sensors next to test. Then if still not stable I will remove all contact sensors. I am starting to get the feeling this is either related to a bad generic driver (built in) or a bad endpoint device. I will report back how that testing goes.

Which exact problem are you experiencing? If it is the 'sudden change of Zigbee channel' problem, that is not caused by any zigbee drivers or devices. It is usually attributed to a hub overheating problem. A orderly power down of the hub and then a restart usually clears up that issue, with the Zigbee channel popping right back where it was, along with all of the devices.


My endpoint devices are all Sonoff and there is a native driver built into the HE for them. I am not using a community driver.

Down at the bottom of that long forum there is a mention of firmware upgrades... maybe that could help as well..


I am having the Zigbee channel change issue and then even after a reboot, none of my zigbee Enbrighten switches are responding. I find it hard to believe my hub is overheating. I only have two motion sensor based automations right now as I completely wiped clean the hub and started over out of frustration. You will see I have had posts with questions around Zigbee communications for months prior to the wipe. Even after a fresh rebuild (done one day ago) I am getting the channel change.

What model Hubitat hub are you using?

Have you tried changing the power supply to a known good 5V, 1A power supply? Sometimes strange things happen when a power supply is going bad.

Have you reached out to Hubitat Support via support@hubitat.com? @bobbyD may have some ideas to help troubleshoot this issue. Or, it may very well be a hardware problem.

I have a C-3 hub with about 60 Zigbee devices on it and it has only had the issue of the Zigbee radio going 'out to lunch' once in the past 3+ years. This was caused by a Beta firmware update from Hubitat, which was quickly resolved in the next Beta release.

I also have a C-7 hub with just a few Zigbee devices on it, and it has been stable.

I hope you get the issue with your hub sorted out soon! Good luck!

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It is a brand new C7. I retired my C5 thinking there were problems with it. I have not tried a new power supply since the hub is about a week old. I have reached out to support and the process has been going on for a couple months now. Their autoreply keeps pointing me back to the Community site as well. I love the hub but the stability issues are killing me. I currently have about 70 devices. 90% of them are Enbrighten ZigBee switches, the rest are Sonoff motion and contact sensors.



To add to @ogiewon's questions ...

  1. Have there been any WIFi changes recently in your house, or next door?
  2. What are the strongest WiFi channels in use (2.4 GHz) that you pick up using a scanner on your phone or computer?
  3. And, what zigbee channel were you using?

About a year ago when I did a backup of the database my zigbee radio would go offline. When looking at the zigbee page in settings it would show channel 11 and the radio offline.
Disabling and then reenabling the zigbee radio would bring the zigbee radio back online and the radio would go back to its original channel.
This was all due to the high load when the backup was taking place. It was a C3 hub BTW.
If you have either high load or high temperature, the zigbee radio is usually the first to suffer.


No wifi changes. I have 2.4ghz locked on Channel 1 and have Zigbee on 25 so there is zero overlap. My nearest neighbor is over 200ft away as we are all on 5 acre lots. When doing a wifi scan, I only see one wifi network that isn't mine and it is very weak at best.

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Yep, that sounds very reasonable. Have you tried changing the Zigbee channel to 20 on the hub? Early on in my Hubitat experience, I found that some Zigbee devices do not like higher numbered channels. Channel 20 was the sweet spot for my home, and many others in the community also find it to be very reliable for them.

Also, I seem to recall some home automation users struggling to get Zigbee working due to the fact that their electric company's power/energy meter was communicating on 2.4GHz as well (an industrial Zigbee protocol, not the same ZHA1.2 that Hubitat uses.)

I am just throwing out ideas at this point that you may not have considered. I am sure you are frustrated after replacing the hub and still having the same issue.

How often does the issue occur? Have you tried a weekly scheduled reboot to see if that mitigates the problem?

Might be good to let @gopher.ny from Hubitat access your hub to see if he can see what might be going on.

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@ogiewon I will take any ideas you have. I appreciate you tossing out all the ideas! I had tried channel 20 with the old C5 hub, but not with the new C7. I will give that a shot as well. I am happy to give access to the hub if someone is willing to take a look. Super interesting about the power meters. Any idea how I can check to see if they are using those with my home? As for as "how often", this has been happening for 6 months that I have had Zigbee comms issues. Which is why I swapped out and started fresh with the new C7. The channel changing just started yesterday and happened twice. To be fair, it could happen a lot more, I JUST finished getting the new hub setup a few days ago. You can see by my apps page, there should be very load generated yet.

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Reach out to support@hubitat.com

In the meanwhile, tagging @bobbyD and @gopher.ny

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