Zigbee can affect wifi

I recently had problems with my zigbee which were cause by sylvania bulbs. After removing them everythings works perfectly. But I also had problems with kasa switches (wifi) sitting at the far end of the house, quite away from their wifi AP. They were constantly going unavailable and rebooting. I noticed that this stop occuring when I removed the sylvania bulbs. Here is the HA history from those switches: (At around 18h00 on the 19th is when I removed the sylvania bulbs)


This chart might help you set up your WiFi and ZigBee channels so there is minimal over lap.



My wifi and zigbee are working fine now. It's the sylvania bulbs that were wreaking havoc on both my zigbee and wifi. I have 93 zigbee devices all over the house and they get along quite well with my wifi.

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This is because your sylvania bulbs are ZLL 1.2 and they don't play well with ZHA devices (sensors and whatnot). It's because they make bad repeaters/messengers. The exception to this are Sengled bulbs as they don't repeat or use Zigbee 3.0 bulbs. That said, all is not lost. You can take your zigbee bulbs and isolate them on their own mesh using another Hubitat or a Hue Bridge. The hue bridge can be directly integrated with and controlled by Hubitat and they can be found on Ebay for around 30 bucks (you want at least v2). That way you can have a lot of phillips stuff integrated into Hubitat without having your mesh fall apart.

As to the wifi, @bbholthome is right. You want to be careful even though your stuff is working. I would put your Router on 11 and your Hubitat zigbee on 25. This will prevent any further issues.

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Thanks for your workaround but I allready replaced those bulb with Ikea Tradfri bulbs and everything is working perfectly. I think it is a cleaner solution. As for the channel I use #26. So it is away from wifi. Anyway the dedicated AP for those wifi switches affected is using channel 1. They cannot be further away from each other.

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I have a bunch of Phillips Hue light strips and a couple of Go's (which I absolutely adore) so I have a Hue Bridge (Which sits on top of my Lutron Caseta bridge lol)

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I have three Hue bridges and 8 APs... so far I have managed to avoid interference between wifi and zigbee but I think it's as much a matter of luck as planning. And my house is basically a series of Faraday cages.

(the APs are not all at full power)

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I thought I was the only one going crazy with AP. I use 18.

3 dedicated 2.4ghz for wifi iot on channel 1, 6 and 11
2 outside 2.4ghz
3 for external dependencies (1 for each building)
4 5ghz on different channel for google stuff around the house (mainly 17 nest hub)
3 5ghz on wide channel for my wifi mesh (phone, tablets etc.)
2 for dedicated guest access (on only when there are some)
1 I constantly fiddle with

I have two outside, one in the basement, one on the third floor, and 2 on floors 1 and 2. My controller does both channel and power balancing each night. I thought the channel hopping wold affect zigbee but so far it hasn't.

Oh and I forgot 3 additional ones used by Arlos! But those will soon be decommissioned, as will all my Arlos.

All my unifi AP's are on 11, my zigbee on 20 and my hue bridge on 25

If someone asking why so many: this is what is happening when you start small and grow without planning. You buy cheap stuff and find out it is not good enough for what you add. So you buy newer one but then why not reuse the old one for a small task. Then as things grow you want maybe setup vlan. Oups! the one you bought does not support it so... I guess you know what happen. It's a circle.

I hear ya! When I bought this Victorian 6 years ago I put in a Linksys Velop meshed wifi solution, and then hung a bunch of switches off the Velops. What a disaster. I fiddled with it for a couple of years and then declared network bankruptcy. I ripped it all out, figured out where I needed access switches and APs, ran cat6A to all of it (not easy in an 1890 home), and went with a fully managed solution. Cost me a lot of money but a lot less aggrevation.


Luckily in my 1900 American 4 square we gutted it to the brick so as I was pulling wire, I pulled cat 6 to every spot I wanted an AP including one on the exterior of the house pointing to the back yard. The only other cat 6 in the house is from my office, upstairs main bath/laundry (hubitat, hue, and lutron bridge are on top of a shelf since it's central to the house) and the tv's in the house.


Not trying to get you to fix something that ain’t broke, but Zigbee channel 26 is regulated to lower power than the other channels and usually one to avoid using.


Please tell me more about this. Thought it was best to have APs on different channels. I have 3 Unifi APs all on different channels.


Same here

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Same here. I use 2.4GHz channels 1, 6, and 11 with 20MHz channel width across 4 UniFi APs. I have had no Zigbee interference issues whatsoever.

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Are you saying channel 26 exceed regulation on Hubitat or that it simply is using a lower power to meet the regulation?

I read that channel 25 should also be reduce in power in order to avoid bleeding into the restricted zone. Does channel 25 reduced on Hubitat?

I doubt they could get FCC approval if it did.

I’ve read that as well. Not sure since I have been using 19 and 24 for my HE hubs and 20 and 25 for Hue bridges. I’ve seen others report good luck with 25 though.

Channel 26 works great for me, so i will stick with it.

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