Zigbee Buttons with Direct Association

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I did a search on the forum, but came up blank. Looking for a set of Zigbee buttons that would also have direct association with Hue bulbs. The Inovelli blue series has this feature for their switches on Hubitat, but these are obviously wired. I had a Strybar button remote, but these are unreliable on Hubitat. Any ideas?


The Zooz Zen 34 is a battery powered switch that can do direct association:

All of the RGBGenie (sunricher) Zigbee remotes can do touch link (direct association)

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I read through the manual for the RGBgenie and it looks like association with a hub remains even if a touch link association is established with a device. Might be the ticket.

In theory it looks great, I'll share my experience, zero support from RGBgenie they ghosted me. The device on my C7 was slow to respond and constantly fell off. Now it's in a state where it won't pair back, the reset sequence does not work(tried like 25 times over 2 weeks) as spelled out in the manual. I would have loved to have it work properly, but gave up after 2 dead sets of batteries
Maybe others have had a better experience, but for me it was a waste of money, 40.00 for zb-5008

This is a z-wave device.

My Ikea Styrbar remote has worked very stable in the past few months... What problems do you have?

All Ikea (also Tuya) remotes support Zigbee Groups, although it is a bit tricky to set up. As I don't have a practical use of the Zigbee groups (almost all my lights are controlled via CoCoHue), I just had some successful tests, but haven't digged further.

I used the community driver, but button reporting would get wonky if I pressed a certain order of buttons.

This thread made me revisit my setup today. I found out that some non-Philips branded remotes (I.e. Styrbar) can be setup with some Hue-hub associated light with Touchlink. It’s with a premium app (Hue essentials) but $9 is cheaper than buying a brand new remote.

The Hue hub is then associated with Hubitat.

This is good enough for me for now, but I’m taking note of other solutions in this thread.

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Sorry, i saw direct association and was thinking Z-Wave as that is the Z-Wave terminology. I think the Zigbee equivalent would be binding. Maybe that term will help with your searching.

Hese is a discussion about remotes with Zigbee binding support:


This is the best solution in my opinion!