Zigbee bulbs need to repaired after a power outage

So, I've read this is a problem kinda. It seems that a flash of power will unpair or unregister a zigbee bulb as it need a song on off on to get them into pairing mode.

The good news is that they are easy to repair to my HE. But man, I have some 20 bulbs and it's a mess. Any ways to fix this issue short of replacing all the bulbs with something else?

No. Well, technically one could get a whole home UPS, but I assume that isn't the kind of "fix" you were looking for.

What brand/model Zigbee bulbs are you using? I have never experienced this issue after a power outage.

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I've never had this issue either, though my configuration is slightly different. All of my zigbee bulbs are on a Hue hub and I use the Hue integration to control them from HE. I think it's a better solution but of course everyone's circumstances are different.

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Some bulbs may need to find their route via the Zigbee mesh, but this tends to affect few bulbs, if any, when I suffer an outage.

In my experience the Zigbee mesh will redo itself and everything will sort itself out, but may need hours. Just needs a bit of patience.

Some are cree, others I don't know

No hue bulbs .. not worth the Cost

Please say none are those crappy GE Link bulbs… I believe that was their name?

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You can connect non-Hue bulbs to a Hue hub. Not all of them... but a lot of them. I use Cree bulbs - the cheapest pieces of sh** around. They actually work pretty well.

Cree and GE Link will cause problems forever when directly-paired to a Hubitat hub. One's sanity is worth the price of replacement.


Cree bulbs are infamous. I had all sorts of problems with them until I moved them to a Hue hub, where they seem to be OK.

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Never ever had an issue except when I had a power flash. I simply just out the HE in pairing mode and everything was back.. not all of them are cree, but I guess when you get a quick flash of power they just need to be repaired. Either way,

I see no reason for the hub, none of hues functions change when bound to the HE. 🤷

The issue is that they make really bad repeaters/messengers. If you have them in the same network as other zigbee devices (sensors and what not) Your mesh can collapse. This is due to the fact that shitty bulbs like cree use ZLL whereas sensors (contact, temp, humidty etc) use ZHA. The exception to this are Sengled bulbs (they do not repeat) or Zigbee 3.0 bulbs. Even the HE Dev's reccomend putting them on their own hub (such as HUE or another Hubitat) As long as they're not intermixed with other zigbee devices they'll be fine.

Except, you know.... They don't drop off the zigbee mesh on power outages... :wink:


It's repeating is far from my issue, I don't have any problems with devices turning on or off. Just had an issue when I lost power and they all lost their knowledge of the hub

How often do you have power outage? Once a year is not so bad. Once a month then it's worth getting rid of the bulbs or move them to the Hue bridge.


I wonder if the bulbs are getting power cycled by these outages in just the right way to make them factory reset?


Most of my other zigbees didn't , and none of my zwave devices either.

Why is hue the end all be all answer. I have no interest in another hub. I'll assume that everyone is saying it's either the bulbs are junk, I'll look for a zwave or another brand, or there is a fault in how HE Handles the bulbs of the choice.

I got the he cause I wanted one hub, telling me to get hue basically is telling me that HE is a dud.

Anywho, no hue. I'll look for another brand that I know will work with the he