Zigbee bulb requires me to press button twice to turn off dashboard button that is lit

Just added a Osram Zigbee Bulb in the living room. Its a tunable White that I can dim. I have it set as generic zigbee ct bulb. I added button on the dash board to turn on and off. It turns on fine, the button lights up in the dashboard indicating the bulb is on, I press the button to turn off, the bulb turns off fine, but the button toggles to off and then on (bulb is still off) If I press the button again the button goes off and is not lit. Thoughts?

When this happens, what is the status on the device page (off or on)?

If "on" click "Refresh".

Did it change to "Off" on both device and dash?

If so it sound similar to a mesh issue I had, not a dash issue. the command is getting there, but the response (light is off) is not getting back to the hub. Answer for me us more Zigbee outlets, better mesh. LKM what you find.

Well I didn't try that I guess, but I did fix it by telling the bulb it was a Zigbee RGBW bulb and then in the dashboard the tile I created i changed to template of bulb so I can dim it. Once I did this, it all works fine now. hmmm

Interesting. That is also the workaround for certain old non tunable White Osram bulbs. They would never otherwise report their status correctly unless refreshed.

I have an osram bulb that does this is exactly. Never have found a solution. If the bulb is 30% or less it will update to off with first push.