Zigbee Bulb Power On Options (or dim on/off)

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For my each of my Zigbee bulbs in lamps (where the power is always on) I have a virtual switch in HE which triggers a Dim On or Dim Off rule in RM to slowly dim on or off the bulb. This works great when using my Xiaomi Aqara Light Switches (as wired buttons) or Alexa.

For ceiling lights this is slightly more tricky as the light switches cut or supply the power to the bulbs immediately. For these lights I have similar Dim On and Dim Off rules in place but they only work when controlled by Alexa (e.g. Alexa switches off a virtual switch which triggers a rule to dim the bulbs to 0% and then turn the mains light switch off). However when turning on at the wall, the lights come on at full brightness straight away. Only INNR Gen 2 Zigbee bulbs remember their last brightness setting by default (e.g. 5%) and then can be brightened with RM.

My aim is for all Zigbee bulbs to power on at the lowest brightness and instantly brighten to 100% when turned on. Does anyone know of a way to do this with Zigbee bulbs in general or is it a brand/firmware specific thing?

For example with Osram Smart+ Zigbee bulbs connected to a Lightify Gateway, the default state at power-on can be configured to include state (on/off), brightness and RGBW settings, but not when paired with any other hubs.

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are you saying your removing the voltage to the lamps and want them to turn back on at the previous level?

Yes that's correct @BorrisTheCat

few reasons this isn't good / wont work. 1st its not a good idea to down power the lights, it breaks your mesh and you cant talk to the device when its not powered. 2nd because if it's not powered how can keep up to date with your dimming levels. The bit that could be possible is the power on value, but this in not currently built into the driver/system, you could reach out to support to ask for it to be built in. In a ideal world the power on value would be the previous state, but this feature would be to stop them powering up after a power cut if they were off before.

Thanks for the quick reply - Just to clarify the voltage is removed to the ceiling lights because the Zigbee light switches are turned off. For lamps, they remain powered at all times via their 3-pin wall sockets and work as intended via the two RM rules.

I'll drop support a feature request re. the driver!


This is a brand specific and not much a driver could do. Phillips recently came out with a firmware update for their bulbs. I know the older Ikea bulbs do keep last state as well. Not sure about the newest firmware.

sorry i misunderstood I thought the issue was with your zigbee lamps not smart switches

my osram ones can be set if using there gateway but because that setting gets wiped on a factory reset or removing it from a gateway it gets lost. So i think it should be possible?

There's also a custom driver I use on ST that can see the power on colour for Osram bulbs:

I will go through it for solution inspiration!


Sounded like it is possible with certain bulbs. Would be awesome if we could get most bulb to do this.

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Can you share the RM rule you created for this? I'm looking to do something similar, and need ideas.

Wait...are you talking about zigbee bulbs or zigbee switches? Because with switches, if you issue a "setLevel" command, it should come on at that level. It should not come on to 100%. Do you have smart bulbs AND a zigbee switch on the same circuit? In other words, is the zigbee switch controlling the power to a zigbee bulb? If so, that is not correct. You need one or the other, not both. But when you issue a setLevel command to a zigbee switch, it should come on the level you set. As far as what action takes place when you hit the up paddle or toggle up on the switch, that's the firmware of the switch that controls that. Most will come on to the last level they were set at. That's not controllable by driver. That's a firmware thing. What other level would you want them to choose?

Did you ever figure out how to dim on or off Zigbee bulbs? I'm new here and I dont see anything else more recent like this

You control them through a app, using motion sensors or event's of some sort to tell it what to do. I used button events and motion sensors.

Is there not a way to say Every time you are given signal 'off' instead you dim then off?