Zigbee battery powered temp sensor / thermostat

I’m basically looking for this : https://www.everspring.com/portfolio-item/st815-illumination-sensor-lcd/

But as zigbee, and for temp control.

The idea would be to put one in each room, then using rules I can open and close vents in each room (which I already have HE controlling).

I can do this via my phone at the moment but I’m look for physical controls :confused:

Konke makes a temp/humidity/pressure sensor that will pair reliably and stay connected. Needs a community driver, but that exists and is stable. It only works on 3 specific channels. I don’t have one, and can only remember channel 15. There’s a thread here that list the other two, and that’s also where you’ll find the driver and more info.

There aren’t others with a display that I’m aware of. Xiaomi does make them, but then you’re getting into a whole different territory to make Xiaomi relatively stable. They have a Bluetooth version too, but you’d need to join them to their Gateway and that’s a lot of setup and a separate computer running HA needed for that to happen. I would only go that way if you’re also interested in other Xiaomi devices and HA compatible integrations that you want to bring into HE.

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I understand that Konke devices only work on Zigbee channels 15, 20, and 25.

Apparently, that is the reason no attempt has been made to produce official drivers. However, the community driver should work as long as your hub is on one of those three channels.

I have a Tuya vibration sensor on channel 20. I am using the Konke motion sensor community driver to make it work.

Sorry I should've been clearer, I actually already have some xiaomi temp sensors. One without a screen (works great) one with a screen (bad range, bad readings) and the bluetooth one (is great, but kind of useless at integrating with HE without some serious work and I'm not that savvy - its Bluetooth).

Specifically the thing I like about the example I posted is that its got a screen and BUTTONS. That way you can easily set temp per room. When guests come to our house, they can adjust their room without needing to be added to the google eco system.

I do have a plan b, but I thought this would be great. And the reason for zigbee is purely price. I'm in Australia and zwave is harder to come by, zigbee being international is way easier and cheaper to acquire.