Zigbee B22 UK bulb recommendations

As the title suggests, what are people's recommendations for a b22 UK bulb

Look at Ajaxonline or innr both really good ZigBee 3.0 lamps. I have tried loads and those are the best.

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I'm currently using Linkind bulbs as they are a little shorter than most, if that is important. Never had any issues with them.

Ok cheers. I have just ordered Ajax online motion sensor as I got 3 shelly WiFi motion sensors and I'm having nothing but trouble trying to link them in. So I'm moving on

I have a bunch of White only Innr bulbs and am absolutely happy with them.

I also have a single Hue bulb (which I got to see if it is brighter) and 1, it uses more power but is not brighter and 2, it somehow manages to get itself to be the repeater for loads of other devices which it's not great at and 3, it required a firmware update when I got it because otherwise "off" meant 5% on. Frustrating.

Yeah really don't waste your money they are crappy. They are also not ZigBee 3.0 so features are missing. As a repeater apparently they are not that bad (compared to others) in that respect they are the best of a bad bunch. Things have moved on since then though and now they are bottom of the pile with a price tag of the top of the pile.

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