Zigbee Annunciator or Alert Tone Generator

OK, Cat got out b/c someone left the door open too long... so now a rule is in place that senses whent he door is open for more than 5 seconds. The question is... what sort of annunciator or alert tone generator or "SHUT THE DOOR" sound can I find that connects to Hubitat via ZIGBEE?

I have a few ideas but looking for something better... anyone? (My ideas are to use my X10 ding dong things... still have some X-10 and an interface to HE... but prefer not to use that, also maybe some a 110V buzzer connected to a zigbee plug...)

Might try this... Amazon Sign-In

You could also use some sort of doorbell chime and use a zigbee relay device as the "button" that sounds the chime...


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I would simply set a timer on that door that outputs the open to long notification to a google/alexa speaker.

the google/alexa speaker thing seems to be less than simple (un-reliable)... do you agree? This thing has to be as robust as possible... thougths?

I'd say "less" reliable, but not unreliable.

Personally, I'd do what @dylan.c suggests. Very simple to do, relatively inexpensive; also the zigbee momentary relay he linked to can be powered by 7-32VAC or DC, making it simple to power from the doorbell transformer. It is also small, and can likely fit within the doorbell/chime housing.

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