Zigbee Alliance now the Connectivity Standards Alliance

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Does that make zwave Anti-Matter?


Thank you, thank you. Next show is at 10. Please remember to tip your wait staff.


I got scared for a second when I saw a "new" standard called Matter, only to realize it's what they are now calling CHIP. Whew! (I'll spare you the obligatory XKCD.)


Looks like Paul Hibbert has his topic for his next video.


Some confusion is bound to happen up here (100 years old standard association).

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CSA. Boy that wouldn't work down here in the Union.

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Becuase ANSI would get jealous? :wink:

So do I buy another bridge, or will HE support this w/a FW update? @bcopeland @gopher.ny @mike.maxwell?

Matter bridges will come to market about the same time, which will enable IoT products based on other standards to work in the Matter ecosystem. That last item will be key for early adopters who have already made big investments in smart home tech.

Like I said in one of the other threads: That's a release day purchase for me.

I'll be interested in it when there are devices I want that I can't get with existing technology I already own. Not before.

I don't buy much of anything for what it might do "in the future" though.

It really needs to be a thing before we can start future tripping on it.


It looks like that Chip is well and truly fried :rofl:

Does this actually mean that Zigbee and Zwave will be no more though? Because if not then I am not too bothered.

“ The organization will continue to support the Zigbee standard, but it’s likely that the bulk of the organization’s work going forward will focus on Matter as it has a much larger market and more potential.”


Hol up. So what happens to ZigBee?

From the article:

The organization will continue to support the Zigbee standard, but it’s likely that the bulk of the organization’s work going forward will focus on Matter..

Thanks...my question was partly the result of Hue announcing they were supporting it w/releases this fall for bulbs going back many years. Figured they wouldn't have announced that unless there was something fairly "thingy" to be compatible with. :slight_smile:

George Yianni head of technology for Signify, says that existing nine-year-old Hue light bulbs will be updated to work with Matter, although you might have to purchase a new hub. He says we should expect compatible Hue products at the end of this year.

From what I read, this "Matter" program is about interoperabilty setup your smart devics once, use across mulitple platforms (GH, Alexa, SM, HE (?!), etc., and devices should just work w/each other.

Most smart home devices might interoperate at the networking layer (this is where protocols like Z-wave or Zigbee come in). But network compatibility doesn’t mean a light bulb can communicate with any light switch or a security sensor can communicate with a different platform. Matter will enable a standardized data model for devices so a certified product can communicate what it is and what it can do to other certified products.

And I guess if there are problems, it won't Matter?


And if it Matters, I won't Mind.