Zigbee 3 Thermostat using the Generic Zigbee Thermostat driver

Can I asume this will work using the Generic Zigbee Thermostat or is it not that simple?

An extensive specification can be found via the link:

SR-ZG9092A Instruction-Specifications.cdr (robbshop.nl)

I have no idea about this specific model but I suggest you take a look here:

Sunricher SR-ZG9092A thermostat seems to follow the Zigbee Cluster Library specifications ( unlike Tuya), so there is a good chance that it may work out of the box with the HE inbuilt Generic Zigbee thermostat driver, at least the basic functionalities should work.

Tuya driver will not work with standard thermostats.


@mike.maxwell, as the zigbee guru:-), do you have any thoughts on that based on the specifications?

the basic thermostat functions should work, with the generic or more likely one of the Sinope drivers as they are also heating only thermostats.
To integrate the other non thermostat related features would require a custom driver...

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