Zigbee 3.0 - Is it coming to Hubitat Elevation?

Has Xiaomi made any public statement/commitment that their Z3.0 devices will be certified compliant to the Zigbee Alliance standard?

If/when they do, their products should appear on this list(click on Certified 3.0 products); none currently do-- Edit: searching for Aqara brand shows a page of 'Lumi United Technology' devices.

Ikea has quite a few certified 3.0 devices (and since they've announced a partnership with Xiaomi, it seems likely that they will also)

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Found one... Terncy Zigbee switch motion + temperature +illuminance sensor -- it's 3.0 but HE doesn't even detect it as a device.


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Interesting find - it must not fall back to ZHA1.2 like the zigbee 3.0 spec requires. Looks like a useful device though.


Using the zigbee 3.0 buzzword doesn't mean it was certified...
Not that certification is the be all end all, but it's a start.
Anyway, I couldn't find this device

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Bummer -- well I'll put it in my one day it will work box

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Is it important to have ZB3.0 in HE?
I really want to buy HE that is future proof for many years to come.

Read the above. The answer seems to be "not really, at this time".