ZEN72 Lights turn on by itself every night at 8?

I only have 2 rules made for this switch. One is used with a iris button that is not being use right now because is a project I'm working on and actually that rule is disabled at the moment.
Second rule is also disabled.
Every night the lights will just turn on by itself and i cant figure why this is? I have disabled every rule that has this switch but it keeps happening. The switch is actually randomly used because there's a lamp in the room that is used more than the lights. The switch has been used recently only to turn off the lights when we see them on after they turn on by themself.

If i reset the switch will it fix this? (Hopefully?)

Alexa or Google Home? If so check to make sure that they haven't activated a hunch for you.

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No clue what that is lol

It’s a semi-new feature that tries to guess at what your normal activity is and creates a routine to automate it. Generally they go somewhat askew and end up doing things like turning on all of the lights at 0300 in the morning.

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You sir are a genius. That's exactly what it was. Mystery solved Shaggy .

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