Zen51 Use?

I just discovered this and I am wondering if I could use it in a dusk to dawn lamp we have in front of the house.

It's a tiny thing so getting it to fit won't be a problem. I am just wondering if I am thinking about the applications correctly. Assuming that it will connect to the hub, would it be an effective way to add light sensor over ride? I was also think it would be a nice front yard repeater to the mailbox that I am working on.

I think it should work. You would have it in parallel to the dusk to dawn switch, so that it always has power, and either the dusk to down or this device would supply power to the bulbs, or are you planning to replace the dusk to dawn switch?

Out of sheer curiosity, what are you trying to automate with respect to this dusk-to-dawn light? Or you trying to bypass the d2d wiring so you can do your own schedule instead?

I'm curious to hear how these devices perform once everything is sealed up, since they don't have an antenna tail like other similar relays. For this particular exterior application, I'd recommend not caulking the fixture back onto the house until you've verified that it definitely gets a decent signal in there.

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There have been times that I have wanted to turn the light off.

Ah, yep, can relate. My front door light (w/ a d2d bulb) has a dumb switch I can use, but my side door light has no switch (long story) -- that one's just a dumb motion fixture.

Another option (that wouldn’t give you a repeater however) would be to setup some Inovelli (Z-Wave) or Sengled (Zigbee) bulbs and bypass the dusk-to-dawn sensor. That is how I have it setup at my house, and it works great!