Zen34: How Can I Use Triple, Quad, and Quint Button Presses Capability?

When I do a rule in SA or RM, I see an option for "Double Tap" but no higher number of button pushes that the Zen34 is capable of. Is this something to do with the driver? @bcopeland ? Thanks.

You would need a custom driver that supports more button events, all the system drivers I know about only support up to 2x taps. I thought there was one on this forum but I cannot seem to locate it right now. I do have a ZEN34 myself, so I could certainly make a driver for it if needed.

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I'm using the Zooz Remote Switch Zen34 Advanced driver. I forgot where I got it, lol. I don't think it was from Zooz. Maybe there's an update. I'll poke around some.
It seems a shame not to be able to use all it's capabilities, not that I'll be doing 5x button pushes, lol. Triple tap, no problem.

@JasonJoel 's drivers for the GE/Jasco switches and dimmers give you 6 virtual buttons. One push up=1, one push down=2, two pushes up=3, etc.
I know it's not the same though.

Looks like it is the one that krlaframboise wrote for Zooz? How to Access Advanced Settings for My ZEN34 Remote Switch on Hubitat - Zooz Support Center

I also wrote my own driver for this device, which I never posted about here, but I thjnk it's pretty straightforward if you wanted to try it: Hubitat/drivers/zooz/zooz-zen34-remote.groovy at master ยท RMoRobert/Hubitat ยท GitHub. It's like my Inovelli drivers where taps 1-5 up are buttons 1, 3, 5, 7, and 9 and taps 1-5 down are buttons 2, 4, 6, 8, and 10 (with held and released events also for buttons 1 and 2).

As mentioned above, the built-in drivers generally max out a double taps; there is no native button capability that cleanly specifies anything beyond doble taps, so all custom drivers will use some workaround (mine uses additional button numbers, as above; I think the Zooz driver you're using uses custom events/attributes instead, which also works but makes it more diffcult to use with apps like Button Controller).


It's been awhile since krlaframboise made any changes: 1.0.1 (01/10/2021)

I'll try your driver. @jasonjoel 's driver buttons are very helpful, as were the association ability, which krlaframboise put into his as well.

I tried custom attributes in RM, but that didn't seem to do anything-max of double tap.

I'll try your driver. Maybe tomorrow though.

Hey, I solved my own stupid question.
For some reason, I didn't see the complete list of custom attributes.
Now I do. Who knows.
As the link above says, you need Rule Machine to access and make comparisons.
I just triple tapped the top button and turn on a light. :slight_smile:

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