Zen34 and Association Problem

I'm trying to set up an association with a Zen34 button switch and a wall dimmer.

I can't get out of the starting gate. When I set the source device to "button", the device selection list is blank. What am I doing wrong? I've got three different button switches in my network and none of them are showing up.

What app are you using to do this? That is key to finding out more. "Button" is not a Hubitat capability, so off hand this looks like a hasty SmartThings port (or an oversimplification of "PushableButton," maybe)...

I am using the Association Tool (which has been available since 2018) installed via the Package Manager on a C7. Both the Zen34 and my wall dimmer both support groups 2 and 4 associations, and are both set to S0. But I can't even get started because no devices show up in the list as the source. I've got multiple Zen34's, a Wallmote, and a Nano mote in my network.

Searching on that, I find Inovelli's. Is that the one? There might be others I don't see. (HPM isn't a source per se--just allows developers to link to some existing location, so even if you find something "there," it's always good to know where it's really from.)

If so: it looks like my suspicion is correct. Ultimately, it's looking for capability.button instead of capability.pushableButton. You might be able to fix this by modifying the capabilities() method around line 142 to include "Pushable Button" instead of "Button".

That being said, this app also requires the driver to implement a setAssociationGroup() method, which all of Inovelli's custom drivers do, but I'm not sure how widely this caught on outside of those. If you don't see this as a command on your ZEN34 device page, it still won't work, though I know at least one other driver for it (not mine, though I could add this...) has some way, probably different, to do it.

Is there a reason that you are trying to do this via an association? I understand that an association will link the switch’s behaviour with the other device, so that when it is turned on or dimmed up, the other device will do the same. So I would not expect that linking a dimmer or bulb to the on/off button switch would work.

There are however a few apps and rule engins that would allow you to control the dimmer via the buttons.

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The dimmer supports association groups that can do both on/off and dimming. But at this point even having it just respond to anything would be a good start.

I have the Zooz Zen34 Advanced driver installed which has all the UI to configure associations. My dimmer wall switch fully supports associations. But the Zen34 doesn't show up in the pull down list of the Association Tool, so I can't even select it.

Yes I know I can do this with a rule. I come from the Insteon/SmartHome world where everything is an association, and there is not such thing as the popcorn effect. The hub's job is to do timed events and run programs ("rules" in Hubitat lingo) and provide the UI to manage and configure associations. I've had setups where 12 dimmers around my house would dim up/down in perfect sync while holding down a button on a battery device.

I'm new to Z-Wave so I may be wrong, but I see no way of doing anything close to this except via associations. Support for that seems woefully inadequate in Hubitat, given that Inovelli is no longer the only company making association-enabled devices.

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Apps, really--rules are just one kind of app--but basically. :smiley:

I think you're correct. Your observation that Z-Wave Association can be tricky to do in Hubitat is correct, likely for a combination of reasons (most early users, including the founders, came from a platform where this was also true; the hub is multi-protocol and Z-Wave is just one of them; and many of these hub users got a hub specifically to do things more powerful that Association alone can do). There is also no standardized way to do this across different devices/drivers--yet. A couple platform versions ago, Hubitat seems to have started experimenting with putting some association commands in stock drivers, but this only helps if you're using those specific drivers. There have been some community efforts previously, including the one you seem to have found (this is still a guess on my part) above.

Association will probably get you the fastest, most consistent results. I wouldn't underestimate the power of the hub (probably one of the reasons people haven't exactly been clamoring for this feature in a more widespread manner), but the trick will probably be finding a way to actually set them. I wrote a custom driver for this a while back and could probably modify it to include Inovelli's custom command if nothing else...

(They were also far from the first company to use Association--they're pretty new themselves--but no need for a history lesson. :smiley: )

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For a Zen34 you just need to install the Zen34 remote switch drivers I think this is the driver I used.

Once installed you can associate the Zen34 to other switches on the driver page. no need for an additional app.

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I think you mean the "Zooz Remote Switch Zen34 Advanced" driver which I have installed, and it does open up the association settings. Still, the Association Tool does not show the Zen34 in the pull down menu as a suitable source device.

Thanks for everyone's help. I finally figured it out.

With the "Zooz Remote Switch Zen34 Advanced" driver installed, you don't need to use the Association Tool at all. The configuration page allows one to set up all associations by adding their DNI numbers to a list. I did that and bingo! The association worked like a charm.

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That is what I was just coming on here to tell you, again. I thought maybe I didn't understand what you wanted to do. But it sounded like you just wanted a Zooz switch to control a dimmer without having to create rules to do it. I have several of the Zen34s setup like this.

We bought a older house a few years ago and they put a few light switches in odd locations. Using a Zen34 and a smart switch, it made it easy to put a switch where I thought it should be, without having to do any re-wiring.

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Thanks- I didn't understand or pay attention to your original comment about not using an app. Live and learn.

I am trying to use association between a ZEN34 and a ZEN77 dimmer. I put in the Z-Wave ID in Association Group 3 for the ZEN34 (using the "Zooz Remote Switch Zen34 Advanced" driver). I tried both the Z-Wave ID (hex digits) and the base 10 ID listed on the Devices page for the device (can anyone tell me what this is as it doesn't match the hex Z-Wave ID). But when I do this, the LEDs on the ZEN34 work but nothing happens in the ZEN77. The two devices are located about 20 ft apart in the same room. Is there anything else I need to do to make this work? In the "current state" the two association groups are both "none." I can set up a rule if needed, but I would prefer to use association if possible as it just seems cleaner.

I don't believe there is an advanced driver (with association settings) for the Zen77, so I think you are limited to having the Zen34 control the Zen77 via association. Nothing on the Zen77 needs to be set/changed.

Since the Zen34 is a battery device, make sure you wake it up so that configuration changes get saved.

Thanks. The preferences hadn't been saved to the device. Waking the switch up to save the preferences did it and now the ID of the Zen77 shows up in the Association states and it works. There is a bit more delay in the response than I expected, but it works. Thanks again for your advice. I am a SmartThings user that migrated to Hubitat when we moved to a new home this summer so I am still a newbie on this platform.