Zen30 wiring question - loads on separate circuits

I've emailed Zooz support about this, but figured I'd post here too in case someone has had a similar situation.

I am wiring up a Zen30 in my bathroom. The lights and the exhaust fans are on separate circuits. I need some guidance on how to connect the exhaust fan to the relay. I have already connected line/load/neutral/ground for the dimmer.

There are two wires for the relay. My assumption is one is for the line and one is for the load. The diagram in the instructions shows the blue relay wire being tied in with line for the dimmer switch and the yellow relay wire being tied in directly to the load. I think I could just connect the line that goes to the current fan switch to the blue relay wire and the yellow wire to the load. I just don't know the internals of the switch to know what goes on with the neutral when I do this.

The yellow and blue wire (relay contacts 1 & 2) are simple shorted together when the relay is activated or closed.

With the neutral wire already connected to the fan, the (hot) line wire is tied to one contact and the other contact goes to power the fan.

Yes @JoeJ is correct, the two wires for the relay are both for the "load", it just opens and closes the relay to turn the load on/off. The neutral would just be connected directly to the load like with a normal light switch.

You should be able to wire it on the separate circuits, the line/neutral you connected to the switch itself will be used for powering the switch and the light. The neutral for the light is not switched but should be connected together with the same one used for the switch.

The fan would have its own dedicated feed with hot and neutral, do not cross that with the other wires at all. The hot feed for the fan goes on one relay wire and the hot load for the fan goes on the other. The neutral should just be connected directly to the fan.

Thanks, that's what I had figured. Got it all wired up without issues. I know enough about electricity where I was pretty sure it worked this way, but not enough practical experience to be completely sure.

Sorry, wanted to jump in on this old thread and ask a related question, though it might be the same one?

Regarding this diagram from Zooz:

I have a vanity light and an exhaust fan on separate switches currently. I do not have traveler line (red) in my current wiring, only line/load/neutral. The diagram shows two separate lights/circuits from one hot line, but am I correct in assuming that I can wire my vanity lights to the dimmer circuit in the ZEN30 (this same vanity light fixture is currently wired to a ZEN72 with no problems) and then wire the exhaust fan to the "relay light" circuit in the diagram? I was just confused by the documentation Zooz provided. In their instruction manual for wiring the ZEN30 it seems as if they are saying that in order to wire an exhaust fan at all with the ZEN30 you have to have a red traveler. My wiring setup does not match perfectly either of the diagrams they include so before I make an assumption and install it I wanted to check with y'all. @JoeJ @jtp10181

Are the fan and the light on separate circuits or not? In other words, are they on different circuit breakers or both on the same breaker? Either way, are both switches are currently next to each other in a 2-gang box?

I'm a bit confused by your repeated statements that you don't have a red traveler... First, the term "traveler" corresponds to multi-way setups, which isn't applicable here. Second, the red wire is a pigtail that's built into the Z30 itself, so you do have it - it's the dimmer load wire that you'd connect to your vanity's load hot.

Assuming that both the fan and the light are on the same circuit and both are in the same 2-gang box (i.e. just one line hot & one neutral coming into that box), then in the diagram above, you'd just pretend the Dimmer light is your vanity and the Relay light is your fan -- the diagram's wiring should match up fine with your own.

They're on the same breaker in the panel, but have separate switches, not contained within the same fixture (a la living room ceiling fan with built in light fixture). Separate switches, but yes in the same 2-gang box. I'm wanting to condense the two dumb switches into one ZEN30 and replace the 2-gang plate with a blank where the old switch was.

Traveler: or whatever you want to call it I guess. The Zooz instructions include a diagram for fan installation depicting a red wire (in addition to the white neutral and black load) which I know to be referred to as a traveler in some uses. But in either case, the ZEN30 wiring diagram for fan installation instructions involves wiring a red wire (NOT the red pigtail coming from the switch, but a red wire within the romex running up to whatever is being wired). OR, they show installation instructions for a two "light" setup which does not have a red wire in the romex sleeve. Therein lies my question: if I don't have a 3 wire (red) romex running from my gang box up to the fan or vanity light, can I just wire my exhaust fan and vanity light as shown in the "two light" setup in the ZEN30 wiring diagram (the one included above).

Your third paragraph answered my question, though. If it's safe to wire the dimmer to the vanity lights and the "relay light" to the exhaust fan, then I should be good. I was just confused by the Zooz instructions because theres ONLY the mention of the word "light" in the diagram linked above in which there are only 2 wires in the romex, and the Zooz instructions specifically show a red wire in a 3-wire romex running up to a fan/light combo, so Zooz was not explicit as to whether the "fan installation" instructions applied strictly to the way they diagrammed it or if, as you said in the third paragraph, the "relay light" can indeed be wired to an exhaust fan. I know that's confusing, but the Zooz instructions made it confusing so I trust y'alls input more. Thanks!

I guess I should have also included this initially. It says "use this diagram for bathroom exhaust fan" and depicts a red wire in a 3-wire romex, then the second diagram they include is the one above but don't specify whether a fan can be used on the relay switch or not and display a two light setup instead of one light switch and one fan switch. Hopefully that makes what my question was clearer.

That second diagram is referring to a single fixture that combines 2 things (like a fan with built-in light) where there's 2 load hots and one neutral (commonly 14-3 romex) going to the single fixture.

Yes just wire the hot for the bath fan in place of the "relay light" example. The colors of the wires do not matter, red and black are both typically hot, but used when there are multiple hot lines within the same Romex wire.