Zen16 Relay Not Firing

Not sure why I keep having problems with a Zen16 Mulit Relay that is connected to my security panel. I have two simple rules when the security panel is armed a N/O relay closes to S1 then R1 should close and when the security panel is disarmed it turns off the armed relay and turns on the disarmed relay to S2 then R2 should close. The security panel relays works every time.

My problem is one R1 does not fire when S1 receives the input from the security panel. I can fire it manually from hubitat but will not run when it gets a contact closure from the security panel.

I can manually short the S1 and R1 fires and S2 and R2 fires I verify with a meter that R1 and R2 close and then open

Checked with Zooz tech support and they feel its a habitat issue. All the settings seem to be the same for all three relays, S3/R3 is not used yet so not sure what else the issue could be

Does the driver support physical on? You probably just want to use on and off. Those relays can't be turned on and off manually. That is for a light switch than can manually changed.

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One switch / relay works and the other combo does not. My guess is there is a setting just not sure where it resides or what it is

Okay but it really doesn't need to be physical on. Try changing it to just on and see if it makes a difference.

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So no change no matter what the setting is, what ever the problem is its consistent and cycles in a specific pattern, see below. Now something strange is in the event log it cycles thru a physical and digital type. Its the strangest thing I ever saw.

  • [ ] Security Relay > Dashboard
  • [ ] Panel Disarmed > R1 On. R2 Off
  • [ ] Panel Armed. > R 1 Off R2 On
  • [ ] Panel Disarmed > R 1 Off R2 Off
  • [ ] Panel Armed. > R1 On R2 Off
  • [ ] Panel Disarmed > R1 On. R2 Off
  • [ ] Panel Armed. > R1 Off R2 On
  • [ ] Panel Disarmed > R1 Off. R2 off

I have one of the Zen16s that I use it for a Garage controller for my two shop doors. So with R1 and R2 on mine, ON is always physical and OFF is digital. I assume that is because I have the relay in GDO mode. So it is a momentary contact. I digitally close it but the Zen16 opens it so that is considered phyiscal?

Can you switch R1 to R3 and see if it works. If so that would seem to indicate it's the Zen16 relay R1.

Also there are some mode settings for how the relays work, Perhaps something is set wrong? The device page of mine shows a configval1 thru 20. I remembered from looking at my GDO app that I had set the config values to have the relays act as momentary switches. If you called Zooz they probably already went over all that though.