Zen16 Configuration Question

Just received my new zen16 device and got it installed. I noted on the advanced settings page that the 3 switches can each be set as follows:

I got the zen16 paired with my hubitat just fine - it asked to go ahead with S2 security, I allowed it, and it appears to be paired fine with 3 child devices:

My intended use is to use my old home security door sensors as switches and not use the relays. It seems like setting parameter 12, 13, and 14 to value 2 should do the trick, but my hubitat settings page doesn't have parameter 2 in the drop down:

If I'm thinking about this correctly, no selection = blank value, disabled = 0, enabled (default) = 1. This seems to be corroborated by the state variables:

Finally, I've tried opening/closing the doors and watched the open/close status of the switches, but they aren't reporting any change. I'm guessing it has to do with this parameter setting, but it also could be that there are 5600 ohm resistors inline on the sensor loops (which I read is pretty standard for home security installs). Maybe the resistors are just masking the open/close status of the circuit to the zen16?

In summary, two questions:

  1. Is value 2 missing in the hubitat driver for parameters 12, 13, and 14?
  2. Are those resistors borking the circuit so the zen can't read the status change?


that parameter is to decouple the S1/2/3 inputs with the R1/2/3 outputs. you can short the input to trigger to corresponding output. not everyone wants this, and will prefer to have the input be triggered, then use logic to trigger the output

value 2 not showing up is interesting though, not sure if @Hubitat_Staff can advise on that

the resistors should not mess up the open/closed status of the circuit as you would physically be breaking the circuit when opening the door

Just looked at mine and it is the same, I have no selection, enabled, or disabled. I don't actually use the switches as I have it configured as a GDO and only use the relays.

Not sure if this helps. I also have mine set up as a garage door opener with the hardwired switches paired with virtual switches so that I can control my garage doors from the original switches, my pads, or our phones. Your home security door switches should behave the same as hardwired switches, right ?. I did not change parameters 12, 13 or 14 (as I remember).

Today I fiddled more with it and noted that the sensors are, in fact, being recognized as the switches but the zen16. So it's perfect!

Any idea what it'd take to tell hubitat that they are open/close sensors, not switches?