Has anything had an issue with the Zooz Zen15 Power Strip? I have (2) units same issue, the unit is easy to add but will not report any data from the device to hubitat unless I manually refresh. This includes a status update of the switch if turn on or off locally. I am talking with their tech support but wanted to see if anyone else had this issue.


The ZEN15 is a plug and the ZEN20 is a power strip. Which device are you having issues with? The plug or the power strip?

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In either case.. I have both.. And they are reporting as should.. Using the built-in drivers...

Make sure to hit configure and that you have the preferences set to report at the intervals or thresholds you want, then click save

If the other suggestions don't work then remove the device and join it again.

If all else fails then factory reset it. The manual should explain how to do that.

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I found my solution and it was a combination of these listed above. I had a do a factory reset, then do inclusion, before powering on the device or saving preferences I use configure. Now it works as it should.

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