Zen Thermostat Temp Setting Via Google Home

Hi there. I recently moved over from a Samsung Hub to Hubitat which I think it a better system.

One thing I'm having trouble with is setting the amount of degrees the heat goes up when telling Google Home "Turn up the heat".

When on my Samsung Hub, it would go up 2 degrees which was a perfect step up to get the temp where I wanted it. Since moving to Hubitat, the temp increases by 5 degrees which is too much in my opinion.

Does anyone know how to change the amount the temp increases/decreases by?

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I don't use Google Home so this is just a guess. Hopefully, perhaps someone chimes in with a correct answer if this doesn't fit,
You can create a virtual switch and have the switch trigger an increase in temperature with a simple Rule Machine rule. You should be able to have the temperature increase to be whatever you need.

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