Zen Thermostat Driver Bug

I realize that my rules to check mean that a temporary change would be very temporary--only until the next scheduled check. I would need to pause the rule to be able to change it for longer than 15 minutes. But then again, the settings I have are comfortable for us. Since I am retired and we are home during the day, the only significant changes are when we are away and when we return home.

I take the minimum set point approach with my rules, eg turning on heat to 20c when it’s below 18c outside and we are home. We can then turn it up if that’s not warm enough.

When the outside temp goes above 18c it turns off the heat.

Cooling is similar, it’ll only turn on if it’s above 25c outside and the cooling set point will be 22c.

@mike.maxwell I forgot to turn on logging, but I had my downstairs Zen stop responding to commands today - not even mode changes worked. However, after hitting "refresh", it started working again.

@mike.maxwell after running into this issue multiple times in the last few days, I have narrowed down the conditions when it is most frequent.

The issue is when there are 0.5c increments - for whatever reason the driver is not able to fully sync up with the Zen.

So starting position - RM sets Zen to cool and 22c. Zen Complies but driver still thinks it's 22.5c for some reason:

So I turn on Logging and hit refresh - logs clearly show Zen reporting 22c & Cool:

But in the Device and Dashboard, it's still reporting 22.5c and Cool:

So if that doesnt confirm there's a driver issue, I dont know what does?

CC @bobbyD

And it’s doing it again tonight in auto mode.

Set points are actually 20 / 22c, driver thinks it’s 20.5 / 22.5c despite refresh pulling the correct data.

yeah, i see the issue, I'll see about getting this sorted.


Thank you Mike, much appreciated.

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Hi @mike.maxwell was this fixed in the latest matter release? I couldn’t see it in the notes and wasn’t sure if it was too minor to list?

Yes it should br sorted in 2.3.7

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Brilliant, thank you. :ok_hand::+1:

Thanks for this, I got back from vacation a couple of days ago, and after the firmware update, my thermostats have been behaving perfectly.