Zen 16. Lock out relay after enabling

Good Morning.
Im playing with a pool actuator. its a 3 wire 24v ac system.
1 common, then 2 hot leads.
each lead is connected to a micro switch. Put power on one side ..the valve actuates one direction . put power on the other side, the valve opens in the opposite direction.

Im going to use a zen 16 so i can control which micro switch gets the power...but if i happen to power both micro switches at once...there is a good chance to fry the actuator.


  • im using relay 1 for pool direction and and relay 2 for spa direction

  • Actuation should take no more than 30 seconds..but would like to be able to change that value if it takes longer or shorter to move between positions

  • will be using dashboard to activate the relay. Ideally id want to cut the power to the relay after its done its job but thats a sim0le matter of setting the parameters right in the device page...so i shouldn't have to configure a rule to achieve that

So - question
if i press on in either real in the dashboard - how would i go about locking out the other relay for X seconds?



i would suggest creating a virtual switch/button for each direction. then create rules. the rules will trigger when the VS/B turns on. in the actions, make sure both are off, then turn on the direction you want for the set time then turn off.

you could create a rule that when one relay turns on it'll turn off the other, but there can be a split second of both being on, and don't want to risk frying the board

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