Zemismart Zigbee Curtain Motor

Hi, I have just purchased the new Zemismart Zigbee Curtain Motor ZM85EL, I am waiting for my friend to put them up for me, I have come across a few drivers for Zigbee shade/blind openers, please could anybody tell which driver would work best. thanks Tim

You can try this driver latest version : [RELEASE] Zemismart Zigbee Blind Driver - #233 by kkossev.

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Ok thank you.

Sorry this driver doesn't work but thank you.

The curtain model that should be supported with this driver is model:"TS0601", manufacturer:"_TZE200_cf1sl3tj" - "Zemismart Electric Curtain Robot Rechargeable zm85el-2z"

If your model is a different modification (not unusual for Tuya/Zemismart ), you will need to provide some more detailed debug logs information to find out what exactly the problem is.

@timpearson01 How has this been working for you now that @kkossev's driver works for it?

I came across this the other day and it looked interesting enough that I might get one for evaluation. What I would like to ask is - is it reasonably powerful and is it particularly noisy? I seem the recall the older versions gave off a annoying high pitched motor sound.

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Did you manage to make this curtain motor _TZE200_cf1sl3tj operational with HE?

I am currently on it, and it behaves rather strange, even in SmartLife app the final fully open / fully closed positions are inverted, if compared to other Zemismart motors... : (

Zemismart zm85el-2z ( _TZE200_cf1sl3tj ) "specifics" :

  • This device does not report the current position during open / close movement, but only when the movement stops. Hence, the preference "Position report timeout" is set for ZM85 to 15,000 milliseconds by default (15 seconds). If your curtains fully open/close timeout is different, adjust this parameter to be 1-2 seconds more than the actual time.
  • When the motor is controlled from the up/down buttons on the device itself or from the remote right column 100%(open) and 0%(close) keys, the movement direction and position are not known. The current windowShade state will be shown as "moving". When the movement stops, the windowShade will be determined (open, close or partially open) and the current position should be shown also correctly ( 0%-closed; 100%-opened and in between in 10% steps)
  • When the motor is controlled from the remote 70%/50%/30% open position keys (these on the left column) , nothing is sent to HE when the movement starts. The current position and the windowShade state will be updated correctly only when the movement ends.
  • SetPosition/SetLevel commands are working OK now ( ZM85 rounds the position to the nearest 10% step)
  • Motor direction (forward/reverse) preference is working OK
  • StepOpen and StepClose buttons are fixed to 1% (same as from the remote controller).
  • Open and Close commands are substituted with setPosition 100/0 for this model.
  • Calibration commands for setting the Upper(open) and Lower(close) limits:

    Because on HE driver level it is not possible to dynamically filter only these commands that are applicable for the particular device, the Calibrate command list shows also commands for other device types, these must be ignored.
    The effect of the "ZM85 Mode Morning" and "ZM85 Mode Night" is unknown ...

ZM85EL-2x "SUPER CURTAIN ROBOT MOTOR" : ) code changes are available in this dev. branch version 3.3.0 2022-12-30 1:43 PM

This is what I have been using for ~7 weeks. This is my first set of curtain controls, so I did not know that behavior was different. In fact, once the limits were set, I never used the physical remote or buttons. Reporting was delayed, but that is not such a big deal for me.

Glad to know that people smarter than me are addressing issues that I didn't even know that I had! :smiley:

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You have taken the more practical and better approach - just use what works, while I spent a lot of time tinkering .. : (
Anyway, I've got a very good WAF here! : )

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