Zemismart Kit


It's Black Friday on the Zemismart stuff (Buy Products Online from China Wholesalers at Aliexpress.com)

There a couple of devices i wanted to check out compatibility and other questions for!

Feel Like I've been searching for this one for years... Does it work!? and also, any idea if this works with normal switches? (Seen Some that need a simple push switch only) Any feeback!?

I've used similar before and it worked well, but does this work!? Any Feedback?

Does it work? Any Feedback?

I may find some other devices but these were the ones that caught my eye to start...


I have the three button one of these. Works a charm. I love it.

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These ones are cheaper

Was Just chatting to the Wife she likes this one more...

It's a bit more tactile, so can be more "Hidden" under things, or on the side or something... with no need to look at the button ur pressing...

CR2430? that's a very odd battery for the 4 gang zemi

Specifically on the dimmer module... It specifically says it's hubitat compatible. Does anyone know if this is true? And does anyone know if the switching element supports dimmers?


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