Zemismart Electric Curtain motor position set and linking with HomeKit


I am struggling to set the limits for my Zemismart Tuya Electric Curtain motor with track.

I managed to install it and connect to the app and it works if I press “Open” or “Close” buttons. However if I want to only open only 50% of the curtains, the animation shows that it moves, but in reality it does not.

I have set the third position manually. I have also set the end and start positions manually (it's not described in the manual, but it is possible with the remote). I have also tried to do the same with the Smart Life app, but the problem is the same.

Maybe someone can help me solve this problem?

To be able to Open/Close/Pause would be enough for me, but if I connect to HomeKit it does recognise the curtain but it does not open or close at all and I do believe its because of the problem mentioned above.

Hi @user6944 ,

We will need some detailed information about your device to try to help, The first important detail is to know the exact model that you have (there are probably 20 different curtain motors all labeled 'Zemismart').

Go to Hubitat device page and make a screenshot of the 'Device Details' section (can be found at the bottom of the page) The details will include the Zigbee model and manufacturer, which identify uniquely the device.

You may need to join the HE owners group first in order to be allowed to post pictures and links:

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