ZebraBlinds? Anyone know their status. Website dark

Anyone by chance know anything???? The website has gone dark and the phone disconnected. They owe me 4 shades that have been paid for.......... oh dear.....

Yikes I have a pending order as well as well as some equipment that didn't show up from a November order.

@ZebraBlinds ?

What I found so far, not looking good.

  • Website was around on May 5th
  • the phone number that was listed is out of service (not sure if it ever worked though)
  • They were still posting on social media as of April 28th
  • Google shows zebrablinds.com and zebrablinds.ca as permanently closed
  • I haven't found a bankruptcy filing yet

My prior orders were shipped from another company. I'll find the packaging and see if I can contact them and find out anything.

Please keep me posted on what you find out.

Might wanna contact https://www.selectblinds.com as they are a zebra blinds dealer. They may have some insight...

I ended up calling Springs Window Fashions, which manufacturers the shades sold by ZebraBlinds. Their account is still open and they weren't aware of any changes. They have their account under the name 'Crown Lifestyles' which I found is registered in NJ under entity 0400390694.

All that said, my order from March 1st was never submitted to Springs, and the missing part from my November order (a multi-motor power supply) was also never submitted to them. My March order was a remake so I've basically paid $3,500 for stuff I can't use :frowning:. The person said I would need to order from another vendor like Home Depot who sells ZWave shades under Bali brand of Autoview since they don't take orders directly.

They were trying other contact information they had but not sure if they'll get back to me. They also gave me another number (877-840-8405) which he tried while I was on the phone and didn't reach anyone.

Not great.

File a dispute on your credit card now, if you still can. They will also attempt to contact the business and if there is no response typically you get your money back. I have done disputes with Discover and AMEX before and gotten my money back.


Yep, was just doing that now - part of my outstanding order is from November though :frowning:

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If you have a problem disputing it online try calling them as well. One on my AMEX they kept rejecting because I don't think they understood what was going on. I had to call them and explain it which then they finally pushed it through and I eventually got a refund.