Zebra Roller Shades

Anyone familiar with with Zebra cordless blinds? If so has anyone found an easy way to close and open the blinds to at least change from privacy to filtered light? We never open and close them all the way but it would be nice to launch plex or a similar action and have the blinds go to privacy mode to block distracting light.

Well, this might be a lot on your second day, but start looking at Google Assistant Relay. We can use the speech capabilities in RM to make it silently send commands that would otherwise be spoken to Google Assisant by adding the prefix [CC] to the phrase. This is a really valuable tool for controlling cloud only devices, or devices for which there is no integration for HE at this time, but Google Assistant has one.

I use it for all kinds of stuff, including a way to trigger a virtual motion sensor on the ST cloud, which then trigger Alexa routines. That's how I personally do most of my TTS messages around the house. Works great until that part of the SmartThings cloud goes down every so often.

I'm interested I used assistant relay with ST. Any good reads on sending the silent commands?

Setting it up is that only challenging part, but if you've done it already on ST, then it should be easy because you'll already have all the Google API stuff setup.

Sending the command silently is simple. You can also use [CCC] and it will do your command, but, then Google Home will give you feedback, like "OK, Locking the back door". This is an old style rule, but you get the gist. The speech action is the same in RM 4. It'll just a THEN action, instead of an Action for True in the previous rule machine versions.

This example is Google Assistant locking my August Smart Lock via their WiFi to Bluetooth bridge.


Awesome thank you for that I will check that out for sure!

@SmartHomePrimer is there a certain way I integrate the Google assistant relay into Hubitat?

OK I think I'm being stupid now that I think about it. I'm sure I can do it the same way I did with ST. I will look into and let you know if I have any real questions. Very excited about Hubitat just not had time to dig in as much as I would like yet. HoneyDoList and all!

The thread I linked to above has full directions, and links to the Google Assisant API setup needed and the HE driver @ogiewon wrote.

Thanks I'm now able to have it announce just need to dig into the commands to have RM4 is a big change I have things all messed up right now. My son was locked out because I setup to have my back garage door lock after a certain time and wanted it to continuously check after a specified time. Good news it is defiantly checking bad news is it locks almost immediately after unlocking.

I don’t know much about integrating Plex with hubitat. Or the google assistant relay, for that matter.

But in terms of Zebrablinds virtual cord devices (assuming that’s what you’re referring to? A link to the product page would help clarify), they are z-wave devices, so they can be controlled natively by hubitat. They can be configured as dimmer devices or window shades. I use simple lighting and rule machine to set my shades based on various triggers.

See above for a link to the blinds. These are not the exact blinds but they function the same way. I'm looking for a possible solution to automate them. Really I would just need them to either close or open about two inches roughly to change them from privacy mode to open? I'm just trying to figure out if anyone has already made a solution for these or knows of a way to help me make them smart.

Ah, my bad. I see you meant “zebra” in the generic sense of that type of shade design.

I thought you were referring to the product line of shades with built-in z-wave compatibility sold by the retailer Zebrablinds.


These appear to be manually controlled shades without a pull cord, yes? So you’d need to add both a motor and “smarts” to the shade.

Especially because of that cordfree design, that’s a much taller order. It could likely involve a healthy amount of DIY/maker tinkering, including physically altering your current set of shades, adding a motor that can turn the control mechanism in the way you need it to, and connecting it to an arduino or similar device that can interface with hubitat.

I know when I’m in above my head, So I fold :sunglasses:.

There are plenty of other people here who could probably provide more guidance in that direction, though.

And the zebrablinds devices with z-wave are great, if you’re ever considering replacing your shades. Check the SmartThings community because they have a rep that regularly posts coupon codes there; time that with one of their regularly scheduled sales and you can get a pretty substantial discount off the list price.

Edit: tagging @ogiewon cause he’s a smart guy and knows a ton about arduino and related devices, he even created the Hubduino integration (and the ST arduino integration before that). I admit that I don’t even know how to solder :hushed:.

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I have never seen an example where someone DIY automated zebra-style blinds. Sorry, I wish I could help more. Like @marktheknife, I fold... :wink: Maybe @JDRoberts might have run across something in his years of home automation research?

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Thank you @marktheknife apologies I was not aware there was a smart branded Zebra shade brand!

Yeah understood @ogiewon either way I appreciate your time!

They actually sell several different kinds of shades/blinds with z-wave controllable motors. I have plain roller blackout shades in my bedroom, and cellular shades in my living room.

Yeah I have seen several smart shades. My problem is we just bought these a few months back and the wife would never allow me to replace them at this point just to add smart functionality unless they were the exact same color shades.

I got this working thanks so much for your help @SmartHomePrimer I now have this controlling a fan on my bond system. That is cool you can send silent commands to google home I did not know that at all.

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@joetlawson I want to do the same thing with zebra shades, can you link what motor you bought? Also another guidance for a noob?

@kaham I never did pursue this one brother. Not been buying much for the smart home lately other than outdoor lights since
It is summer time. Main focus has been outside the last few months.