zConnect Garage Door Opener

....after two days, I feel like giving up!
Has anyone been able to succesfully set up this dual-relay device?
I was hoping that this thread would help

but I cannot get the beast set up correctly, particularly as it does not allow access to the 'Parameters Values' (only the 'Relays Parameters' are itemised).
I have repeatedly cleared the memory (using type 'Device') and also tried editing using the Basic Z-Wave Tool.
As a total beginner, can anyone suggest a simple solution for two short-pulse-interval relays and two 'door open' switches. It was so simple with my old Vera!
Alternatively, are there other z-wave products that can control two roller doors and indicicate each as open/closed?

I did give up, as you no doubt found. My Fibaro Smart Implant works great and actually does what its supposed to.

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Thanks for that….just need to check that this is best for two roller controls and two dry contacts for open notification. It’s strange that Vera was so simple to set up for the zConnect, but I guess that’s life.
The thread covering your choice is huge!

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zen-16 and an ecolink tilt sensor will do ya. Can run parallel to your oem controls...

Yep, you can control 2 doors with individual contact sensors via the Smart Implant.

I use this electro mechanical sensor as I found magnetic switches to be unreliable.

The only downside to the Smart Implant, is you need to install a virtual garage device driver to tie everything together. Totally worth it tho.

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Luckily the cabling and switch are already in place, I just need to replace the zConnect. Thanks guys

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