ZCOMBO smoke detector - one siren goes off they all go off?

Has anyone figured out how to get the ZCOMBO smoke detectors to all go off if one goes off?

That's not a feature of those Smoke/CO detectors. They are not "linked" but are independent of each other. I have several and frankly I'm disappointed in them as they are not much more useful than a cheap/standard smoke/co detector as for their feature set.

May I recommend a truly unique product for this type of issue:


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That does not link multiple detectors to sound in unison. It simply sends a z-wave signal to your controller when it "hears" a dumb detector going off.

They do a couple of things that are useful. You can monitor their status for alarm and battery and have alerts and actions tied to both.

I'm just going to have to write a rule or two for sounding the siren when a fire alarm is detected. Not awesome, but OK.

I'd prefer for the smoke detectors to be interconnected so I'm not relying at all on hubitat. That said, once I have hubitat with battery backup, I should be ok.

They are supposed to provide this...yes. I've found both functions to be questionable and not reliable. This is tested with multiple controllers and not just Hubitat. Hence my opinion they are not "that much" more useful than a traditional Smoke/CO detector.

hmm.... maybe I need to do more testing......

I'm only a few days in with these things, so......yeah...my opinion could change.

@jason4 I have one of these (firefighter) that is about 3 in. away from my smoke detector. My house has the interconnected system where one goes off they all go off so in theory you only need one of these detectors. I test mine once a month and it picks up the test signal (same tone as smoke) immediately and my associated Rule then speaks and sends a pushover. Smoke/CO detectors in the US have a specific tone that this unit picks up. It will pick up both smoke and CO tones and is distinguishable in a rule. It is better than a bunch of zcombo's (now discontinued) which only one will go off, they are not interconnected and cannot be.

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How do you test your smoke / CO detector?
(Once a month, you wrote)

@jtmpush18 All I did was hold in the test button of the smoke detector until it started to send an audible (protect your ears) and then the firefighter LED should flash yellow while there is sound. I set up a rule to announce if the firefighter detects or you could look in the logs and see that it detected correctly.

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