ZCOMBO smoke / CO detectors on sale / discontinued

Looks like the ZCOMBO smoke detectors are being discontinued.

I found 4 at Lowe’s for $10 each.

If you need one, looks like now is the time.

Combo DC RING ZWAVE https://www.lowes.com/pd/First-Alert-Alarm-Combo-DC-RING-ZWAVE/1000956820

They’re 45 bucks at the lowes near me.

Individual stores will put all sorts of items on clearance for reasons other than the item is being discontinued by the manufacturer.

Yup definitely store specific. Someone else posted something like this about a month ago and I went to my Lowes and they didn't even show the product available in their system of what was posted on their website. And even this post says not available at my store.

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Mine had a bunch of GE Zwave stuff on close out

Yea I got two Kwikset Z-Wave locks last year for $45 each

The price said $40? but when I checked out, the girl said it was on clearance and $10.

As I said, you can find deals like that at a specific Lowe’s store, but it doesn’t mean other Lowe’s stores have put the same item on clearance.

Did she say that the device was discontinued by the manufacturer?

She just said that they are no longer going to carry them anymore.

I also noticed they disappeared from amazon.

I hope they redisgn it so it's more useful, and we can silence and test from the device page. Right now it's very overpriced for the minimal functionality


I couldn't find any evidence of this product being discontinued by the mfg'r. And, the manufacturer's store still offers it for sale.

In fact, I just received mine from Amazon yesterday. Even though Amazon calls it a ZCOMBO, the actual catalog number is ZCOMBO-G and the ASIN # is B00KMHXFAI which does match the number Amazon shows on the product page. Same product.

However, the price on Amazon does seem to vary drastically.

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Weird. You are right.

3 pack at Costco for $99

I just got the same deal from Best Buy on their website.