ZB device seem to pair into limbo

Update: Well I'll be confused/impressed/lucky?
Created a Virtual device with the ghost ID of 1263, gave it a driver and saved.
Works fine now. :slight_smile:

I have many Xiaomi contact sensors that use the community Xiaomi Aqara Mijia driver.
I wanted to add another and I can't see to get them to pair anymore.
I have 3 and all of them fail with the same issue.

They show Device Found and pairing. Nothing happens until timeout but I get a 0000 device in the logs. If I look at the ZB device list (53 in total) I don't see any new entries but I get a rogue device in the graph.
I am pairing right next to the hub so no repeater influence and I have tried the alternatives suggested on the pairing screen.

Edit: Did a hub shutdown for 20 minutes and looked at the graph. I now have a ghost device 1263 but it's not in the ZB list.



I know this isn't your issue but I've pointed out many times before, the hub will log "unknown zigbee device created" but yet nothing is created. This has been going on for almost 2 years. I've never thought to look at the Zigbee graph, likely because it's brand new functionality. But this is very interesting. Maybe the hub is actually creating an unknown device, but it's not showing in the UI

Maybe the guru's can look at this and get the errant ZB ghost to at least show up in the ZB table?
It was nice it showed up in the beta Mesh map.