Z-Way Association Eurotronic

I have two devices from Eurotronic company. This is an air quality sensor and a heat exchanger. TRV supports a mode in which the air temperature is provided by another device, and the air quality sensor can provide the temperature to other devices. It would be an ideal combination for controlling heating in a home. I've tested this idea with z-way-server and it works great. at the time of the implementation of this idea, there were no drivers for these devices yet. I wrote them. In order for the sensor to provide the temperature of the TRV, it is necessary to add the node-ID from the TRV to the association-group 2 from sensor. To do this, I wrote drivers for both the sensor and the trv. They work great. The node-ID is added to the association, only there is no information exchange between the devices. I repeat, everything works on Z-Way-Server. Hubitat doesn't work. The reason for the Hubitat?

Driver: GitHub - Aelfot/Aelfot

In theory, after the association of two Z-Wave devices, they should communicate with each other without a hub. I checked this. I turned off Z-Way-Server and the thermostat stopped working. Thus, the Z-Way-Server himself sent the sensor data to the thermostat. Is it possible through HE to also send data to the device, as if it were a temperature sensor? That is, the sensor sends data to HE, and HE sends data to the thermostat?

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