Z-Wave wired door sensor?

I have a freestanding garage that's 50 feet from my back door. For the last few years I've played around with some different automations out there, with varying success. I have lutron light switches that work fine, and a few wired Aeon Z-Wave multi sensors that work fine as well. The lock is Z-Wave, as well, and I have a range extender on the back porch that helps the connection for all those Z-Wave devices.

I decided recently to switch from Zigbee door sensors to Z-Wave out there to take advantage of the solid mesh. So I put Zooz 700 series contact sensors on the entry door and the garage door.

The garage door sensor works fine. However, the entry door sensor is burning through batteries. It was at 77% this morning and is 54% now. I did a Z-Wave repair after install and again a few days ago and it has a solid connection. The signal goes through the wired devices. The garage door sensor does not have this problem at all.

Any suggestions for a wired Z-Wave contact sensor? If I can't fix the battery issue I just want something that works.

The Aeotec Door/Window Sensor 7 Pro has terminals for connection of external 5V supply.


Just a follow up in case anyone else has a similar problem. I was able to get one of these Aeotec Pro door sensors after they came out with the updated version in June 2022. I set it up with a wired connection using an inexpensive power supply I bought on Amazon. It has been working flawlessly on my garage entry door, turning on the lights every time I open the door without fail and with only a very short delay (understandable given the distance). It decided to connect straight to the hub, despite a range extender that is closer to it and that the other ZWave devices in the garage all use, but that's fine with me.


Hi. What power supply did you get for this sensor?

Any 3V power supply will do. I did the same thing with my garage door a few weeks ago, and bought this one: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B09J4GBWF5

Cut off the end, strip the wires, and follow the diagram in the documentation to see where to connect each wire.

Awesome. Thank you! I'm hopeful this will help with the garage door sensor i have not that sometimes does not report that's it's closed when it really is.