Z-wave trv doesn't response

I'm new in Hubitat. I'm right now testing it - with not very good result. I add one Eurotronic Spirit trv (FLiRS) and it not always react on changing mode or temperature level via thermostat tile and device commands. There is communication between Hubitat and trv because when I manually change temp it show it in current status device.

I would open 2 Hubitat tabs. One to the TRV device page, and one to logs. Operate the TRV from the device page and then check the logs page. If as you state, it isn't reliable, make sure you have enough Zwave Plus devices added to Hubitat to relay communications. Make sure to read building a solid mesh.
Is the TRV is battery operated?

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Most likely. I don't any that aren't.

ok. So I did it - nothing in logs. I try to change heating setpoint and mode - nothing in log - nothing on trv. Eurotronic Spirit is a battery device but FLiRS so I can't wake it.
I only have right now one device connect to HE (I'm testing HE...), distance beetwen HE and trv is 6m (19,8ft :wink: )

Zwave radios in battery powered devices sleep most of the time. They wake up briefly and check if there is any messages and then go back to sleep. The TRV will need other mains powered devices (Zwave Plus) to capture messages from the hub and relay them to the TRV when it wakes up.
This is a worthwhile read. Although this is for locks, it is also aplicable to the TRV FAQ: why would I need another beaming repeater if my zwave lock is already close to my hub? - wiki / FAQ - SmartThings Community

ok but it is FLiRS technology:

How FLiRS Works
If a Z-Wave controller or other node in the network needs to communicate with a battery-powered device such as a door lock, the controller sends a special beam signal. The purpose of this beam is to wake up the FLiRS device.The FLiRS device alternates between sleep mode and a partially awake mode in which it is listening for this beam signal at the rate ranging from once per second to four times per second (this is the designer’s choice). When the FLiRS device receives this beam, it immediately fully wakes up and then communicates with the controller or other Z-Wave device utilizing standard Z-Wave protocol commands. If the device does not hear a Beam it goes back to full sleep for another period until it partially awakes again and listens for a Beam. It is this partially awake mode combined with the special Beam that provides for battery lives on par with fully sleeping devices while providing communications latencies of around one second.

I have other z-wave controller and also test it with only one trv and don't have to use other z-wave plus devices to control Eurotronic TRV direct from hub without wake it up because it is FLiRS (in simple word - command from hub should wake it up)

I wouldn't count on that from the hub. The hub broadcasts the message multiple times but then goes on is way. It is up to beaming devices in some proximity to the TVR to pass on the message. You do need additional beaming devices on the Zwave network.

The distance is not a problem - it is only 6m. I was using two z-wave hub without any power up z-wave device in mesh and it was working properly so it's problem with HE hub. HE hub should send with every setpoint/mode change that "beam" and automatically wake it up and this the problem. In typical z-wave hub when You connect FLiRS device the hub know that it is FLiRS device and need to send "beam" before every command. It seems that HE don't do that.

If you don't want to try adding more devices, that is your prerogative. At this point I have nothing to add. Good luck.

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I just don't know why HE hub will not wake up FLiRS device but other z-wave device will do it? Looking at my experience with other z-wave hubs and FLiRS device it was always work - even with only one or 11 battery FLiRS devices in mesh. How z-wave switch will wake up the trv when there is no "beam" in command that HE send via other z-wave device.

Read the Samsung link.

ok I will add tomorrow fibaro relay switch but my hub can not be busy because there is only one device connected to HE hub.
but still - it was working with others z-wave hubs without any mains powered z-wave devices... without a problem

It isn't about being busy. I don't know what other hubs you use, and they may support beaming directly. Hubitat supports Zigbee and Zwave plus many other services. If it needed to stop everything to go back and rebroadcast earlier messages, something the network can do on its own, other things would get compromised.

And I have no idea if that is your issue. Without adding other devices to test no one can know.

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I wake up and all (my one Eurotronic trv :wink: ) z-wave devices disappeared from Z-Wave Details list. I did power reset and now trv is working. I will wait before adding another z-wave device to exclude that yesterday problem was related to hardware hubitat problem..,

i have got the same problem with my eutortornic trv, sometimes disappear from list, sometimes do not change heatsetpoint when i run my rule , sometimes just 3 of 4 trv's change heatsetpoint...

and i can also confirm, that with vera hub this trv's works without problem.

i thought hubitat will also handle it but ... :confused:

I have two Eurotronic Z-Wave TRV's with HE as well as people from UK and the Netherlands (as I remember correctly) and none of us has these problems with them.
I'm wondering if you guys @Arek and @krzyskonieczny15 have added them to Hubitat correctly or perhaps your other hubs prevent your TRV from communicating correctly with HE. Have you reset your devices prior to pairing them with HE?
Turning off your other hubs when pairing TRVs with HE won't harm anything but may help.

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When I connect two trvs mine is also working , I think the problem is with larger number.
I have excluded from Vera , I have done factory reset and after that I have added to he, even more I have replaced batteries to new !:grin:
For now I'm testing solution in rule like change first heating temperature wait 1min 20 sec and change in another trv and so one . So far it's working but I need a little more time to test .

If all you have is battery powered devices connected to HE, then you need add line/mains powered devices to make the connections reliable.

I have got multisensor 6 powered from main and repeater :blush: