Z-wave slowing down over time after update to []

After the latest update of my hub a see a strange reoccurring issue affecting my Z-wave devices, specifically 3 dimmers I have in my living room.

My house is manly based on Zigbee devices, and I do not have a lot of experience with Z-wave, however I have recently added 4 Z-wave devices in my system (3 LED dimmers, and 1 motion sensor).

Over time, 2-3 days, after a hub restart, I see the Z-wave devices response time goes up. The first day after a hub restart I see immediate response of the light when changing a scene, or turning the lights on or off. However, the day after I could see 2-4 seconds delay, and the next day this increases to 10-30 seconds, and it seems to be increasing as the days go on. Then I need to reboot the hub, and it is fine again. Anyone have any idea what is going on?

I have a bunch of Zigbee stuff in my house, buttons, bulbs, motion sensors, contact sensor etc, and all of these are responding perfectly and without any issue at all, even though I see the 3 Z-wave dimmers struggle with delays over 30 seconds. Is there anything special about the Z-wave stuff I need to be aware of?

It may help to list the brand and model of these.

Also, screenshot your Zwave details page and post it here.

Maybe, see above about needing to know what specific devices you are using. But generally speaking Zwave doesn't act like this.

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Thanks for the answer.

These are the dimmers (x3):
Namron LED Dimmer Z-Wave 200W

And this is the motion sensor (x1):

I will post the Z-wave details page when I am back on my home network.

Since I posted this the dimmers have behaved without any form of issue now for 3 days, which is new.

I am not at all familiar with those Zwave devices. You are in Europe somewhere? Maybe someone from that region can help here.

Your Zwave table looks like there are not blank routing in the clusters. That is good.

But you have so few devices I wonder if you have a basic mesh problem. You need some repeating devices.

You should look this over and see if it helps.

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