Z-wave sensor with no route info on C-7 z-wave details page

I have one Z-wave tilt sensor, "garage door large," that displays no route info on the C-7 z-wave details page. I have excluded and re-paired it with no change. It does work but since it is important I'm wondering what is not quite right.

If you've just excluded it and re-paired it and it is working, leave it as is as the gui is not updated in real-time. Give it a couple hours and see if it changes. Don't let this page throw you off. I would probably use it to check for ghost devices only.

Really the only reason to look at the zwave details page is if something isnโ€™t working. If the device is reporting changes as expected, I wouldnโ€™t worry about what the page is reporting.

In a general sense battery based devices are going to be less consistent with the details on that page. The route info also only updates on a schedule once every 30 minutes I believe.

My Zwave tilt sensor almost always says Not Responding or Failed but usually has a route. It works fine so I haven't worried about it as @djw1191 said.

You can hit Refresh a few times if you want to see if that updates the info, but if it's working, by definition it has routing, so as others noted just the UI is catching up w/actual status. Likely things will appear normal on their own at some point in the near future.

It has been that way for a couple of days. I guess what strikes me as odd it that the other garage door sensor, same Ecolink tilt sensor, "small" was installed within a few minutes and it has a route. Large dropped off for a bit which is why I started looking at it. I added an additional nearby repeater which seems to have resolved the connectivity issue but the route info has never returned.

Thanks for confirming it's been a couple days. Have you tried the Refresh button, then?

And I think we still fall back to the general mantra about not worrying about the Z-Wave details page unless and until things don't work. :slight_smile:

Actually I've done repair, refresh, exclude, re-pair. It seems peculiar to this specific device. I'm going to ignore it because it is working.

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