Z-Wave seems to have completely stopped working

So, I have had nothing but problems with a new C-7 setup coming off ST.

  1. I excluded all my devices from ST.
  2. I began setup of my C-7
  3. I got two devices added successfully (ish).
  4. I could not get any other devices to include at all.

Looking around the boards, I discovered the issue with ghosting, and sure enough, I had a ghost device stuck. I managed to get that removed, but then the problem didn't go away.

  1. I tried removing the two devices with the intention of doing z-wave reset, but they wouldn't exclude.
  2. I decided I would do it the hard way and factory reset the devices, and reset the z-wave radio.
  3. The devices still appeared on my "Devices" view, so I used "remove device" on those pages to clear them.

As far as I can tell from the UI, everything should be back to zero-state... but... I still can't get it to include any z-wave devices, including the ones I deleted.

If anybody has any hints there, it would be great.

did you check to see if your z-wave radio has an update?

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Yeah, I checked that. When I first set up the device it downloaded a Hubitat SW update. On the z-wave settings page, it has always told me I am up-to-date. I don't know if I got an update when I did the global update or not, but it doesn't offer me one.

There's a ton of literature online about building a ZWave network so I won't repeat it except to say, also coming from ST, that your ST experience is not necessarily predictive of your HE experience as you build your mesh.

Unfortunately to start your mesh buildout you do actually need to be able to connect ZWave devices to HE. How about unplugging the HE and letting it sit for 30 min or so, and then starting with ZWave line powered devices first, and let them settle in overnight before adding battery powered devices?

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@brad5 -- I don't have any battery powered devices. I am not sure at this point what letting the HE sit unpowered for 30 minutes would buy me. Nothing in the house is on any network, and surely there isn't any state that is going to die on a battery in 30 minutes.

I can certainly give it a go, though.

It's been a recommendation for other zwave issues in other posts... but to your point it may not be applicable to a network with no devices. Still, won't hurt!

Removing power from the hub for ~30-45 seconds will allow the ZWave antenna to reset clear...

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What hub software are you on, is the latest (Settings, check for updates)

This might sound silly, but did your Zwave radio somehow get set to a different region? Is the radio enabled? (See settings below)

As mentioned there may be a Zwave firmware update (not the normal hub update), you can check on that same page.

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Thanks for clarification. Does a longer "off" trigger a mesh rebuild? Though I suppose with no zwave devices that's sort of moot.

Dumb Question... did you remove power? Shutdown from the settings menu. Wait till led turns red. Unplug power (at wall not at hub), Wait 5 minutes and power back up. That should clear your radio.

Don't believe it will trigger a mesh rebuild, because it doesn't know how long it's been down and just doing its normal boot up. It will reach out and try to re-establish the connectivity, but unless a device fails you normally won't see a route change just due to a restart.

You mentioned a z-wave reset.. Is that the state you are in now, with no included devices?

reset - bad choice of words on my part, should have used clear...

SO. I let it sit for 30 minutes. That got me nowhere.

I went back and did the Soft Reset from the diagnostic tools, and then re-zapped the z-wave again and I have been able to make progress again (yay!). But with a good bit of wonk. I have a couple of GoCon WD500Z-1s that are problematic. I have seen other people on the boards with problems and I think I'm just gonna trash them. I have an Inovelli nzw31 that for some reason I can turn on, but not turn off with z-wave. Not sure what that is about.

Couple of Jasco switches with motion detectors... work flawlessly.

I presume the soft reset corrected whatever the issue was. Thanks for the help everyone. I am at least back to making some progress, but I need to get back to work for a little while. :slight_smile:

What driver are you using for these ? .. and are you seeing anything in the logs when you try?

They will work, but they are pre-plus and as such will require polling which puts a considerable load on the mesh.

"What driver are you using for these ? .. and are you seeing anything in the logs when you try?"

I haven't set up a custom driver. Whatever it detected out of the box. Looks like "Inovelli Z-Wave Smart Scene Dimmer". The logs seem normal for everything, except when I send it an "off" it never appears in the logs at all, and the switch state never changes (obvs). I will poke at it some more later.

W/R/T the WD500Z-1s, I can't seem to get them to detect AT ALL. Not sure what the issue is, but they are odd duck hardware in my house anyway.

When you get a chance.. Enable debug logging in the device page and trigger off again.. it will provide a bit more detail..