Z-wave seems to be getting a boost

Hopefully the chip makers will go forth and make more z-waver chips so that prices go down and we can get back some of our favorite devices that have been lacking during the pandemic...


I am not a fan of Press-Release Journalism.

A journalist is an individual that collects/gathers information in form of text, audio, or pictures, processes them into a news-worthy form, and disseminates it to the public.

Gathering info in these cases is like gathering food at a grocery store.. it's practically handed to you. However, in the grocery store, most of us look at the apple and if there are dents or discoloration, we pick another. :slight_smile: Not so with non-investigative Journalists. They present the rotten apple the same as the fresh.


It’s certainly possible, likely even, that we’ll see new hubs and gateways that integrate both Z-Wave and Matter with Thread or Wi-Fi. In fact, as part of today’s announcement, Silicon Labs introduced the Unify SDK: A way to create such interoperable bridges.

Is there any truth there? No "investigation" of existing Hubs? Is there an actual need for "new hubs and gateways" ?

In Computing there's a saying.. Garbage in = garbage out. In Journalism, it seems to be Pablum in = pablum out.

a brand of soft, bland cereal for infants.

(lowercase) trite, naive, or simplistic ideas or writings; intellectual pap.

Where's the hunt for the truth? :smiley:


I think my takeaway is just available of more chips than from just one manufacturer. People are constantly biatching there is no stock of anything and something like this should help it.

To be perfectly frank, I'm not sure what to make of this thing called "matter", and how it will be used in the future. I'm taking a "wait and see" attitude, and any new home automation stuff that I'm doing, is just not taking this new thing (matter) into account.

Furthermore, I think that there are some real "advantages" with staying all zwave or all zigbee. The concept of building a strong (1) mesh, means using one or the other. Unfortunately, I don't think that I could a new installation that is all one or the other, because in certain categories, Zigbee is much better than Zwave and in others Zwave is much better than Zigbee.
(for example: motion sensors: Zigbee, in wall relays: zwave, etc.)
(Here is one of Hubitat's greatest strengths - it does a reasonable job at operating both).

However, with zwave long range, and with matter we may be moving away from the concept of "mesh" to a different approach utilizing excellent radio propagation.

I'm just going to wait and see what happens!


Journalism started dying (and has continuing to cirlce the drain) w/the rise of the Internet and related ease of access to what seemed like a never ending glut of "free news," combined w/the related growth in the belief that all information should be free so why pay for newspapers or magazines, serious news web sites, etc.

Real journalism takes time and costs money, and with few exceptions publishers have struggled severely to develop a successful business plan around actual newsworthy info based on detailed reasearch and proactive investigation. Prevalence of puff pieces, opinions/fanciful info presented as facts, and regurtitation of press releases w/click-bait headlines is the result. Just so sad...but I don't think this ship is going to change course.


Now you've hit my pet peeve. Used to be that you could determine the essence of the story from the headline. Now, it's always some scandalous tease that requires clicking into the story and skipping the first five paragraphs to get any idea of what the he!! It is about.


You forgot the part about logging in with your subscription before you can read beyond the first paragraph.

But I agree with that insipid journalism of hiding the info at the bottom of the page. Try reading a recipe online. They talk for about 20 pages regarding their dear perfect children, and how their dear dead Auntie hid this recipe, and they found it taped under her sock drawer, and so on. Then there is about 2 sentences at the end: mix two eggs, one cup flour and enough milk to make thin batter. Pour 1/4 cup in hot skillet, and flip when bubbles stop.


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