Z-wave s0 security - enough is enough, but

I am running my home on two hubs. C-7 and c-5.
I have about 30 Fibaro devices mainly FGR-223 and FGS-223.
The FGS-223 is a double switch running a community driver and is by default included as s0.
It is making me a hard time with slow responses and sometimes does not update the status back to the system.
I understand that there is an option to exclude and include back as NONE security using a Z-wave stick and it might help.
But....can I be sure that the device driver will support this security method?
Please advise

My understanding is the driver has no bearing on the Z-Wave security mode used. That is between the device radio, the hub radio, and the Z-Wave SDK in play.

The driver does have to support the security mode used by the device,.. That said, I've never seen a zwave driver that did not support no-security. So you should be fine.


Thanks a lot. Just ordered a Z-wave stick and I will try

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Hello, fgs-223 is too slow for me too. Your product is currently set to NONE security and is it okay now?

Yes it does

Thank you. I also buy z-wave stic.

Make sure your hub is c-7 as this will not work on a c-5 hub

Thank you. I have c-7. I hope my fgs-223 works fine too.