Z-wave replace stopped working

This is a recent regression. hard to pinpoint to particular update, but over last week I've replaced several nodes without any problem.
now behavior I observe that if I'm lucky, I get replace working for some time, then it stops and any attempt to restart ends immediately with
"Replace is NOT Running
status: failed "

reboot doesn't help.
shutdown Sometimes help, but last several shutdowns didn't fix it.

logs content
sys:12022-10-01 09:59:13.438 aminfoZ-Wave Replace Failed Node did not complete successfully

sys:12022-10-01 09:59:13.426 aminfoZ-Wave Replace failed node stopped

sys:12022-10-01 09:59:07.692 aminfoZ-Wave Replace Failed Node did not complete successfully

sys:12022-10-01 09:59:07.663 aminfoZ-Wave Replace failed node running

any known solutions?


The way you use Replace and the way I use Replace might be dissimilar. I use it on the exact same device. Replace is intended to work with a dead/defective device, replaced by a 'factory new' device. Which are you using? As I mentioned, I did one 4 days ago, so I know it's working on the latest Platform code: 2.3.3

If you are using like I am, where there's an already included device that I want to re-include, instead of removing it (exclude) and Including it, I choose to use the replace feature. BUT I still need to meet the intent of the SiLabs designers and have a "factory new" device. I understand that it's probably what you're doing but you don't mention it... be certain to a) factory reset OR b) use another Controller to Exclude the "new" device. If you exclude using the current hub, you will of course be deleting the device from any/all Apps it appears in.

For me, it's a trivial step because I have 4 hubs and 2 Aeon ZSticks that I can use to Exclude. But you don't have to use Hubitat for the exclude... use a SmartThings, Vera, Wink or HomeAssistant to do the exclude. You say you've done a replace successfully so these comments might not be useful to you... I'm hoping they will be useful to the reader that comes along next year :smiley:


To better understand my use of Replace, I'll detail why I have so much experience with the feature :smiley:

I have, like so many here, a very large quantity of ZWave devices. Some are so old that they deserve their place in my junk box, where I don't intend to resurrect them. When I'm experimenting, on occasion I'd really like to use a device I already have, but don't want to buy another. Instead, I use an Aeon ZStick to Exclude it. Then it's available to me on ANY of my other hubs... I'll Include it on a development hub, for example, mess around with it, gather the needed data and exclude it from the development hub. That fully deletes it from the Development hub, the Node ID it was using a minute ago is no longer used on that hub. The physical ZWave device Excluded successfully so it has no Home ID and no Node ID.

Now I can use Replace on the original hub to put the "borrowed device" back into the exact same Node ID. It will remain available in all the Apps and Rules that were untouched by my simply "borrowing it".

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actually I believe my "replace" scenario is very similar to yours.
for example, after firmware update on zooz dimmer, it's not connected any more.
repair doesn't help either. but after failed repair I have "replace" button.
I do not remove device from hubitat, but I "zwave exclude" the switch.
then I use "replace" and get the same device with same device ID.
it worked on at least 3 switches over last week, but not any more :frowning:

I've had mostly success, but some failures w/the Replace function in HE. Try the following to start from a "clean" position:

  1. Shut down hub from Settings menu - hub LED will go red
  2. Unplug hub from wall (USB plug on hub can be fragile)
  3. Wait a minute
  4. Plug hub back in and boot up

Then try replace again.

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