Z-Wave Repeaters

How do I know if my Z-Wave repeaters are working, that is, if they are repeating?

Are you having trouble with your mesh? Or just curious? If you've added or moved devices, you should run a repair.

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Yeah, why are you asking? The answer can be very simple to REALLY complicated. For example, in general all mains-only-powerable devices repeat. Battery powerable do not. At that point you can either ask if a certain device does or does not and somebody can tell you.

If you want to ensure that YOUR actual unit of the device repeats it can get kind of indepth. You have two options.

  • Join your device to a separate USB Z-Wave attached to Zensys Tools/PC Controller. If you have the old version of the HE hub you can temporarily remove your USB stick and plug it into a PC. (Use extreme caution to not change any settings when doing this.) While in PC Controller you should be able to see all packets received and get a routing table.

  • Another option is to sniff Z-Wave traffic using an RF radio receiver. This option has many sub-options including but not limited to Zniffer, suphacap and DIY.

If you are just curious go with faith. If there seem to be problems you might be able to pull association reports with a custom driver. If you can't fix it with Z-Wave repair then you can go whole hog and get crazy with either of my two bullet points above.


When using the generic driver you can tell in the logs when doing a zwave repair.. There are community drivers that will poll periodically..

It was discussed above .. But re-iterating .. Anytime I move/add/remove a mains powered z-wave device I always do a z-wave repair.. Keep your mesh happy and you will get great response times..


If you use this driver, you can get a good deal of information from them and be able to confirm they are working. It's for the Iris 3210-L plugs but should work with other Z-Wave repeaters also. It works with an Aeotec repeater I have.

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