Z-Wave repeaters

I'm looking to add additional main powered Z-Wave devices to my network to act as repeaters. What is the best place/range to put these? I'm looking to add one or two power outlets or Aeotec repeaters. I am having intermittent issues with my four locks and I'm hoping repeaters will improve the reliability. Thanks

I only have one Z-Wave lock and one hub. I added 4 Aeotec repeaters: One by the hub, one by the lock, and the other two in between. My lock has been steady and responsive with no issues.

I think it was in a lock-specific thread in here someplace where it was suggested that one of the repeaters should be close to the hub. There also seems to be a consensus that the Aeotec repeaters are more effective than wall warts.

ETA: Check out this thread:


Why not add zigbee+zwave repeaters?

Ikea Tradfri ($10) or Iris Plugs ($10 ebay used) are the recommended devices. I deployed 5 of the Iris plugs and improved my mesh greatly.

Did I miss something? I don't believe the Tradfri devices have any Z-Wave capabilities.

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Correct. The Trådfri are Zigbee 3.0 only. They're also not very powerful, even though they are effective. So you save because they're inexpensive, but you should get several of them if you are in a big house.

The iris plugs, on certain firmwares, have been known to have repeating issues and slowdown issues with Z-Wave. I had to remove the Z-Wave portions from my Hub because of the delay it caused.


Thanks for that info. This will help another user that just posted with Z-Wave issues and sited that he had a few of those. I'll post a link to your comment for him. :+1:

Here’s the original thread on it, from a year ago :slight_smile:

Edit: updated the link. My clipboard was acting up and linked to the post @SmartHomePrimer linked to from here :crazy_face:


What about these little guys? I am also looking to add some extenders but I figure that I might as well have it used for some automations also.

Dome plug-extender

I had the Zooz version of that same plug. Died in less than 6 months (under no load). Zooz stopped making them a while back. I would avoid it like the plague.

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I personally don't like plug in devices as "repeaters". One of the problems with plugin devices, is that outlets are usually close to the floor. Not always of course and some people have outlets higher on the wall. It is easy for them to get blocked by furniture or appliances. The radio signals are easily absorbed or blocked lower down on the wall. Switches on the other hand are mid wall height and normally more open to the room. Another problem with plugin devices is they are easier to knock out of the wall if bumped or accidentally removed and not replaced.

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Oh is this the same as the zooz? I had one of these also and it fried. Burnt the insides and probably almost started a fire! They probably stopped making it after I returned it to them.


I can't answer that. The dimensions are identical. The Zooz were lime green and white, while these are all white.

Yeah but switches aren't so easy to change! I just changed a switch in my laundry room to a zooz switch and we had to change the whole box because the switch wouldn't fit into the one that was there. Real pain! I doubt my hubby would want to do that again.

Thanks for sharing this. I suspected it was signal issue since I never had issues with the same locks when I had them paired with a Wink 2 hub. I also have them near GE Z-Wave Plus switches which should act as repeaters but it's worth a shot for ~$50 to try two Aeotec repeaters after all the issues I've had. It's frustrating that I can't get a straight answer (or any response for that matter) from support after a week.

My mistake, I thought they did when someone recommended them to me.

Glad I got the Iris plugs. The Zwave on mine have been fine.

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